Judge Judy Silences 21 Year Old with 10 Kids

judge judy 21 year old

There’s a reason Judge Judy is a favorite on daytime television.

Her no-nonsense approach to the goofballs who come on her show can be entertaining, but there’s also something more important than that. She exposes the problems conservatives see in our society – things like lack of self-responsibility, passing the blame, welfare abuse, lack of respect, and the destruction of traditional family values.

Take a look at this video where she slams a welfare moron who is only 21 years old, but already has 10 kids:


You’ll notice he immediately tries to blame someone else for the damage he caused. And then it gets even worse. He says he has 10 kids, and he’s only 21 years old! He then tells Judge Judy that the 10 kids are from “about” four different mothers, as if he can’t remember how many there are.

But the worst part is where he tries to make a sick joke about Judge Judy – when he tells her how many mothers his children have, he remarks “about four of them… including your daughter.”

That’s when the crap hits the fan!

I could watch this video all day. Kids should watch this show to learn what scumbags look like, and learn from Judge Judy’s traditional American values!

What do you think? Was she hard enough on this bozo?

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