Judge Jeanine Says Hillary Clinton Is ‘A Standard Bearer, The Magnet, The Enabler Of Sexual Predators’

Judge Jeanine Hillary Clinton

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said that Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden might not help the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee much because Clinton is “a standard bearer … for sexual predators.”

‘The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators’

“You know, Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden when he’s being accused of, as you say, not sexual harassment but sexual assault, it’s like the kiss of death. The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators,” Pirro said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, where she noted Hillary’s defense of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who was accused by many women of sexual misconduct and assault.


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2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary appeared with Biden on a live stream town hall Tuesday.

Shocker: Nothing Said About Biden Accuser Tara Reade

One subject they definitely did not talk about: Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Biden of sexual assaulting her in 1993 when she worked for him as a U.S. senator.

Pirro said, “This woman [Hillary Clinton] is a woman who does not stand for women. For her right now to endorse Joe Biden is really to ignore what all of the “MeToo” movement has been talking about … Let’s talk about Brett Kavanaugh and Tara Reade.”

Pirro was comparing how Reade’s accusations were being received compared to the sexual assault allegations made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing.

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Clinton once insisted that “any woman who reports an assault should be heard and believed.”

Pirro said there was ample evidence that Reade was a victim of a sexual assault and that “she made the complaint to three people about Joe Biden [allegedly] pushing her up against the wall in the Senate with no one else was around, pulling up her skirt and putting his — I ‘m not going to get graphic here — but sexually abusing her, they moved her away from where she had been working in the Senate office to a room with no windows…”

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‘It has nothing to do with women and protecting women’

Judge Pirro also cited “documentary evidence” of Reade’s late mother calling in to CNN in 1993 and asking Larry King what to do about her daughter being abused by a high-ranking official

“This is politics —  pure unadulterated politics,” Pirro said. “It’s about power, supporting people who you want to be empowered. It has nothing to do with women and protecting women in the system.”

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