Everyone is talking about all the political statements made during last night Grammy Awards. But the most shocking and surprising of all was singer Joy Villa, who wore a pro-President Donald J. Trump dress. The bold dress said in vertical letters “Make America Great Again” and the train said “Trump.”

Villa isn’t well known, but hours after she wore her dress, her album “I Make the Static” has skyrocketed in sales on Amazon. Once ranked at #543,202, it is currently ranked at #3 in the “Movers and Shakers” categories. That means she’s selling more albums than Beyonce today. Amazing!

Joy Villa

As shown on Amazon.com (Screenshots courtesy of Gateway Pundit)

Clearly, there are many Americans who are tired of their entertainers telling them to support a liberal world view. Villa’s dress took extraordinary courage, as she’s willing to stand up for President Trump and traditional conservative values. Extraordinary!

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