Joy Behar Slams President Trump For Sending Federal Troops To Portland: We’re Witnessing ‘Fascism In America’

Behar Trump

Joy Behar had yet another anti-Trump meltdown on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” this time losing it over a discussion about federal troops being sent to Portland, Oregon to stop the rampant violence that is happening there.

“I’m witnessing fascism in America now,” Behar lamented. “This is the beginning of the end of Democracy.”

Whoopi Goldberg had kicked off the segment by saying, “Over the last few days, federal troops have descended on the city of Portland, using tear gas and batons and taking protestors away in unmarked vans.”

She went on to introduce a clip in which President Donald Trump referred to the rioters as “anarchists” and warned that he will send more federal officers to other Democrat-run cities like Chicago, Illinois.

“It’s so crazy that he is saying that this is people who hate America,” Goldberg said. “This is really what he’s wanted for a while. He’s wanted a fight.”

Behar took this and ran with it, slamming Trump for calling himself “the law and order president” when “all of the people around him seem to be either in prison or on their way” there. She then offered a dire warning of her own to the American people.

“People need to pay attention,” she said. “If we reelect this guy, I don’t want to even think about what will happen to this country.”

Minutes later, Behar’s cohost Sunny Hostin offered her own warning about Trump.

“Every American should be concerned when you have a U.S. president deploying federal troops under the pretext of protecting federal property from vandalism, which essentially is just graffiti, and using that pretext to use violence against people that are protesting, which is our right,” she said. “[There’s] secret police just arresting people in unmarked cars. This is something, as Joy said, this is the beginning of fascism. This is something that you see in dictatorships.”

“This is not America. This is not American,” Hostin added. “We have to pay attention because we are going down this slippery slope and we have, really, the actions of a dictator.”

These liberal elites just love to warn the rest of us about the “evils” of Trump. We can only imagine how they’ll react when we reelect him come November!

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on July 22, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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