Joy Behar No Longer Wants Trump In Jail – ‘I Don’t Have It In My Heart To Punish The Guy’

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Joy Behar has spent years obsessing over the potential downfall of the former President Donald Trump, so it came as a huge shock on Thursday when she revealed that she no longer wants to see him in jail. The fate that she wants for him instead, however, can only be described as bizarre.

Behar Doesn’t Want Trump In Jail

Mediaite reported that during Thursday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” Behar called on Trump to make a deal with Special Counsel Jack Smith in which he would be exiled to Saudi Arabia rather than face jail time.

“What about making a deal,” stated Behar, 80. “What if he makes a deal with Smith…he says, ‘Look, I’m going away. I’m moving to Saudi Arabia.’”

“Wouldn’t that be good? Just go away,” she added. “I don’t even care if he goes to jail. I don’t have it in my heart to punish the guy. I just want him to go away and stop ruining my country.”

Behar’s co-host Sunny Hostin responded by saying that she believes Trump could potentially make a deal with Smith that would involve him agreeing to never run for office again.

“I think there are certain prosecutors that would offer him a plea agreement without time if he would agree to never run for public office again anywhere,” Hostin said.

“He’s never going to do that,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg fired back.

Check out this full segment in the video below.

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‘Lock Him Up’

Behar’s latest remarks were in stark contrast to comments she made back in June, when she demanded that Trump be “locked up already.”

“He’s a grifter. He’s a grifter,” she said of Trump, according to Daily Mail. “Lock him up already. Lock him up.”

“Nixon was caught on tape and that was the end of his career as president,” she continued. “This guy is caught on tape talking about grabbing women’s genitalia – he didn’t learn from that or from Nixon and now he’s continuing to tape himself. That is really the definition of stupidity.”

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Behar’s Previous Trump Comments 

Back in March, Behar expressed her hopes that Trump would get the 2024 Republican presidential nomination because she thinks that would ensure that “the Democrats will win.”

“DeSantis is what they call a dweeb. And Trump is the one who needs to get the nomination, because then the Democrats will win. He’s a two-time loser already. Hellooooo! Loser!” Behar joked as she made an “L” sign on her forehead, according to The New York Post.

Last month, Behar bizarrely revealed that it makes her sick when Trump even says the word “country.”

“Does anybody else get nauseous when he says the word ‘country?'” Behar said, according to Decider. “The word ‘country,’ every time he says it, I feel nauseous,” she said. “I don’t think he cares one iota about the country. So every time he says it, it rings true that he’s a traitor.”

It goes without saying that Behar has one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome of anyone in the media, and that’s saying a lot! In the end, she can rant against Trump all she wants to, but nothing Behar says about him will ever actually have any impact on the fate of the former president.

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