John Kelly: Manchester Bombing Leaks Are ‘Darn Close To Treason’

Saagar Enjeti on May 28, 2017

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly chastised leaks to the media concerning details of the Manchester bombing, in a Sunday interview on “Meet The Press.”

“I believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked – high, high level of classification… I think it’s darn close to treason,” Kelly declared. He continued that after he saw the leaks, “I immediately called my counterpart in the UK. And after offering my condolences about the attack … She immediately brought this topic up. And, if it came from the United States, it’s totally unacceptable. And I don’t know why people do these kind of things, but it’s borderline, if not over the line, of treason.”

Kelly’s comments come after the U.K. temporarily suspended Manchester bombing intelligence sharing with the U.S. Thursday after photos of the crime scene appeared in The New York Times. British Prime Minister Theresa May considered the leak so serious that she said she would raise the matter with President Donald Trump to stress that information shared between the two allies must remain secret.

President Donald Trump pledged in a Thursday statement to get to the bottom of the leaks and suggested that he may even prompt prosecution of the leakers. Intelligence sharing resumed Friday after May’s warning to Trump.

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  • In the latest release they stated the bomber was cut in half by a ball bearing loaded bomb yet in the photo of the area were there was blood and supposedly the incident happened there was no damage to the lights, walls , ceiling, plastic advertising hoardings, strange since 22 people were killed & 50 wounded in such a MASSIVE explosion ...hmm

  • That bombing was a big phony - very obvious. No self-respecting suicide bomber does a bombing in a foyer. He does it in the theater for maximum impact.

  • I agree with those who want to prosecute the media for lies, defamation of character, and misleading the public. We rely too much on the media to stay appraised of what is going on. We no longer can do that. They need their licenses revoked and sued for their crimes.

  • It's truly time to call for a special prosecutor to investigate these leaks! Once I heard Brennan is a member of the communist party, it's no wonder all this crap is being made up to harm Trump. Communists said back in the '50's that the way to take down American is from within. And we saw far too much of that the last 8 years. Time to bring the law back to the forefront, and go after leakers and fake news stories. As Kelly notes, this is treason! Find the bastards and prosecute them to the full extent of the law!

  • I wish they'd prosecute the papers & magazines, & news sites that tell all of this stuff to the public. And, I sincerely HOPE the President does away with the press briefings, & other things involving the press, & not give them ANY info!

    • I forgot who was talking, but they said they couldn't prosecute the media for publishing stories, they had to go after the leakers who leaked the story. Although it's gotten so bad, I don't see why Sessions couldn't change the law to include the media for spreading vicious lies.

      • AmericanBelle1,
        They claim that it is "freedom of speech".. SURE IT IS. DUH.. Since when is lying "freedom of speech"? I just hate the way they "change what something really is" just to suit their own needs.. Just as destroying our Flag... Stomping on, setting fire to, and other things these scumbags do is called an "ACTION" not a "SPEECH". Just another libturd "adjustment"...

  • Let,s start with everyone who has access too classified information, maybe too many people who don't need to have access, have access. Let's start with all of those unsympathetic and disloyal to Trump who have access and give them top priority scrutiny.

    • I seriously doubt any of Trump's people are culprits. There were almost 100 political appointees of Obama inside the WH and intel. During the last week of his term, Obama changed their classifications to civil servants so that they could not be fired from their positions. Makes you wonder why he did that.

  • start putting a couple of these so called reporters in jail for publishing classified documents and see how long this will continue. Yes, to print classified info publicly is, if not should be, a crime.

    • But they aren't publishing classified documents. They're making outrageous claims based on anonymous sources, and those anonymous sources seem to be spreading fake news like wildfire. They claim "based on a document" and yet no one ever sees that document. Look at the Comey memo that says Trump tried to get him to end the investigation into Flynn. When that information came to light, Democrats loved it, but cooler heads realized that it wasn't Trump in hot water, but Comey, for keeping it to himself while telling Congress under oath that there was no hint of Trump asking him to dump the investigation. He was mandated by law to immediately inform the DoJ....which he didn't. So he says he'll go and speak to Congress, but after he speaks with Mueller. The latest now is that there is no memo and Comey will speak to Mueller empty-handed. Sooooo....is there a document that would put Comey in jail, not Trump; or was it just another fake news story to muddy the waters and make Trump look bad?

  • This is under closer...much closer...scrutiny than we observe here...with more dire consequences for the perps than you can imagine. Remember the WWII motto, "Loose Lips Sink Ships"?

    Stand by...

  • I couldn't agree more. This "Unnamed sources" helping traitors to the US and the POTUS needs to stop. Hand out several 10 year prison sentences and it will.

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