First of all, Vice President Joe Biden is the last person who should be delivering this eulogy.

Given his past remarks about McCain, specifically during the 2008 presidential contest, Biden isn’t a great a fit to praise Senator John McCain, especially during his funeral. (RELATED: Joe Biden to Eulogize John McCain – Everyone Forgets Their History.)

But, because Washington is full of hypocrites who play tough for the camera, Biden did end up delivering the eulogy for John McCain. And while it was about as moving as a professionally-written speech can be, many noticed a few subtle disses aimed towards – you guessed it – President Trump himself.

You can watch the eulogy below:

The Daily Mail was one of the first publications to point out the jabs Biden took at Trump. From the report:

Joe Biden slipped in several digs at President Donald Trump without calling him out by name at John McCain’s memorial service on Thursday.


Biden’s salute to McCain offered a notable contrast to Trump.

‘He could not stand the abuse of power, wherever he saw it’ Biden noted of McCain, ‘in whatever form, in whatever country.’

‘It was always about basic values with John – fairness, honesty, respect,’ he added.

What a bunch of b.s. remarks. John McCain was not always respectful during his time in the Senate. Remember when he called senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee “wacko birds” for challenging President Obama on domestic drone strikes? And let’s not forget about the insulting things McCain said about Trump, even after his own death. (RELATED: Upcoming Documentary Shows McCain Joining Hillary Clinton to Warn About President Trump and Russia.)

Let’s not pretend McCain was an angel. He was an imperfect man with strong opinions – just like Trump.

Biden’s remarks, if they were aimed at Trump, were disgraceful. Pay tribute to John McCain. Leave Trump out of it.

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