Joe Biden Dismisses Hunter Accusations As ‘Foul Play’ That Is ‘Used To Get To Me’

Joe Biden Dismisses Hunter Accusations As ‘Foul Play’ That Is ‘Used To Get To Me’

Joe Biden directly addressed the federal investigation into his son Hunter Thursday, saying he isn’t worried about “any accusations,” and that they are simply being “used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play.”

Biden made his comments during an interview with Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’ “Late Show.”

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Joe Biden On Hunter Accusations: ‘I Think It’s Kind Of Foul Play’

“We have great confidence in our son,” Biden said about his son Hunter, with wife Jill at his side.

“I am not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him,” he added.

Then Biden said it was just a ploy to attack him.

“It’s used to get to me,” Biden said. “I think it’s kind of foul play. But, look, it is what it is. And he’s a grown man.”

“He is the smartest man I know, I mean, in pure intellectual capacity,” Biden said of Hunter.

“And as long as he’s good, we’re good.”

In December, it was revealed that federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating Hunter Biden for “tax affairs.”

It was also learned – after the election – that this investigation has been active since 2018

Senator Tom Cotton and others have called for a special counsel to investigate the matter, while others have criticized the media for suppressing the story in the run up to the election.

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The ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden Controversy

Colbert also delved into the recent criticism of Jill Biden using the title “Dr.” in her name.

Jill Biden said she was surprised by a Wall Street Journal op-ed that questioned her Doctor of Education degree.

“That was such a surprise,” Mrs. Biden said.

Colbert replied, “It caught me by surprise as well. I did not see that one coming.”

“Nor did I,” Jill Biden said. “It was really the tone of it. He called me ‘kiddo.’ One of the things I am most proud of is my doctorate. I worked so hard for it.”

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Jill Biden said the many people that rushed to defend her touched her. 

“I was just overwhelmed by how gracious people were to me,” Mrs. Biden said. 

Conservative critics of the controversy have pointed out what they view as hypocrisy from left-wing journalists.

The non-partisan research group R Street wrote in 2015 about how the New York Times, the nation’s “premier” news outlet, rarely deigned to refer to Ben Carson as “Doctor.” 

This despite the fact that Dr. Carson is widely believed to be the world’s foremost pediatric neurosurgeon.

Dr. Carson became the youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the United States at just 33, and pioneered several procedures.

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