Joe Biden Claims Women ‘Have Never Had A Fair Shot To Get Ahead’ – And Even More So For Minorities

Former Vice President and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed recently that women “never had a fair shot” in America while specifically identifying “women of color” as uniquely disadvantaged.

Biden made his comments in a policy document released through Medium on Monday  titled “The Biden Agenda for Women.”


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Biden: ‘Women — particularly women of color — have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country’

“Joe Biden is going to build our country back better after this economic crisis and that includes ensuring we get closer to full inclusion of and equality for women,” Biden wrote. “Women — particularly women of color — have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country.”

“Today, too many women are struggling to make ends meet and support their families, and are worried about the economic future for their children,” he continued. “This was true before the COVID-19 crisis, but the current global health crisis has exacerbated these realities for women.”

Biden refers to himself in third person despite ‘Joe Biden’ appearing as the byline

Even though the Medium column appeared under Biden’s byline, it continued, using his name in the third person, “For Biden, it’s a simple proposition: his daughter is entitled to the same rights and opportunities as his sons.”

“He believes every issue is a women’s issue — health care, the economy, education, national security — but women are also uniquely and disproportionately impacted by many policies,” the former vice president wrote. “As President, Biden will pursue an aggressive and comprehensive plan to further women’s economic and physical security and ensure that women can fully exercise their civil rights.”

Biden repeated his vow to pick a woman of color as his running mate in 2020.

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Focus on women broken down by race and identity

The “Biden Agenda for Women” includes a focus on “transgender women” as well as “Black women, Latina women, Native women, Asian American and Pacific Islander women, women with disabilities, and lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women.”

On federal funding of businesses, Biden committed to “direct federal funding to women-owned businesses” as part of a proposal “designed to support small businesses and those owned by women and people of color.”

The likely Democrat White House nominee also pledged to use Small Business Administration programs to “effectively support women-owned businesses, especially those owned by women of color.”

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