Tucker Carlson: Democrats Whipping Up Protests And Coronavirus Fears To Keep People Unhappy And Force Change In Next Election

Tucker Carlson argued that the Democrats are using the coronavirus pandemic and the protests to keep people unhappy, forcing change in the election.

Tucker: “Very Likely The Coronavirus Lockdown Will Affect The Outcome”

Tucker Carlson began his show on Thursday by noting that President Donald Trump had cancelled the Republican National Convention that was to be held in Jacksonville, over safety fears relating to the coronavirus. He noted that while this won’t make a huge difference towards the election result, it is “very likely that the coronavirus lockdown in itself will affect the outcome.”

“The most basic question in political polling never changes — is your country on the right track or the wrong track? In a reelection campaign, especially that is always the central question, and every political consultant in America knows that that. There is no poll the Biden campaign pays closer attention to than the daily right track-wrong track numbers, especially now,” Carlson said.

“The presidential election, believe it or not, is, in fact, almost here. In some places of early voting begins in just over a month. The result of that voting will define the country’s future,” he added. “If the Democrats take the Senate at the White House, and they could do, you will not recognize America a year from now.”

The Democrats were “thrilled” by the slashing of police budgets, the forced closures of schools, and mandatory mask wearing.

“With the election just months away, America’s suffering had to be intensified. It was a political imperative.”

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They Want To Force America’s Hand

In fact, “nearly three-quarters of Americans now say the country has become a much worse place than it was. Doctors have prescribed us so much Zoloft, the antidepressant, it’s not on the federal drug shortage list. In fact, it’s likely Americans have never in the history of this country been as unhappy as they have right now. It’s a tragedy, but for Democrats, it is a win. According to polls, Republicans may now lose once-safe Senate seats in Iowa and Montana.”

This has been their plan all along. Tucker Carlson is right – the Democrats want to force change in the country by making people think they have no other option. It’s totally despicable!

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