Tammy Duckworth Claims Tucker Carlson Criticism Was Because She Is Asian-American

Duckworth Carlson

Senator Tammy Duckworth said that the criticism that she received from Fox’s Tucker Carlson was simply due to the fact she is Asian-American.

Duckworth: Carlson Spreads Lies About Me

Duckworth appeared on CNN’s Newsroom on Tuesday, with Brianna Keilar, and discussed the recent criticism of her by conservative pundit, Tucker Carlson. Keilar directed Duckworth to Carlson’s takedown of her, which including calling the Senator from Illinois a “moron” and a “coward,” for arguing that there is “a national discussion” to be had on removing certain memorials.

Carlson also inferred that Duckworth hated America, a fair enough criticism given her willingness to engage with the far-left mob to take down memorials of patriots from across the country. This is something a veteran should not consider, but Duckworth, who served in Iraq, is seemingly up for it.

“When you love the Constitution, and you love this country as much as I do, so much so that you’re willing to lay down your life to protect and defend her, then you must agree to defend the rights of the likes of Tucker Carlson to lie about you,” Duckworth argued, launching into a tirade against Carlson:

Of course, I don’t want statues of George Washington torn down any more than I would want the Purple Heart that he founded ripped from my chest, but I will defend the right for Tucker Carlson to be the obnoxious person that he is and to lie about me because that’s what our country is all about. And if you truly love America and you truly love the Constitution, then you have to stand up for people’s right to express their opinions, even loathsome ones that are lies that you don’t agree with. I’m to this day I’m willing if they want to call me back up and put the uniform on, and I’ll go back to combat to defend his right to be odious.

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Ridiculous Commentary – Tucker Isn’t Racist!

Keilar asked Duckworth whether she thought she was singled out because she is a potential candidate for Vice President. Duckworth argued it was a lot more simple than that.

“I think he singled me out because I’m Asian-American and I look different. Asian-Americans have always been the other in our society,” she said.

“He doesn’t want America to be as diverse as it should be. In fact, he used I think ten words of the white supremacy statement on that,” she continued. “So this is what they do, they go after your strength. But they also single others —folks to try to make them others. My family has fought and defended this nation over 200 years. I am, to this day, willing to defend his right to have his opinions.”

What a load of nonsense! Duckworth is clearly playing the race card here, to deflect from what is sensible criticism levelled against her by a conservative pundit. Only someone who hates this country would even consider taking down statues and memorials to those that founded it or were heroes of the Republic.

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