On Thursday night, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said during his ABC town hall that he is “open” to packing the Supreme Court with additional justices if he wins in November.

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Biden On Packing The Supreme Court: ‘I Am Open’

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos brought up the question.

“I have not been a fan of court packing because I think it just generates what will happen for whoever wins; it just keeps moving in a way that is inconsistent with what is going to be manageable,” said Biden.

Stephanopoulos replied, “So, you’re still not a fan?” 

Biden went on, referencing the ongoing confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, “Well, I’m not a fan, it depends on how this turns out, not how he wins, but how it’s handled,” Biden said.

“So, if they vote on it before the election?” Stephanopoulos asked Biden.

“I am open to considering what happens from that point on,” Biden replied.

He did not elaborate on what he means by ‘how’ the Senate confirmation proceedings are ‘handled.’

Biden’s “openness” to packing the Supreme Court he expressed on Thursday night seems to contradict what he said in 2005, when he described court packing as a power grab.

Biden Used To Oppose The Idea Of Court Packing

Describing the infamous attempt by FDR to pack the court over the court’s objections to his unconstitutional New Deal programs, Biden took a very strong stance against court packing. 

Biden in 2005

“In this environment, Roosevelt — I remember this old adage about power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely — corrupted by power, in my view, unveiled his court-packing plan.

He wanted to increase the number of justices to 15, allowing himself to nominate those additional judges.

It took an act of courage on the part of his own party institutionally to stand up against this power grab.”

Biden also called court packing a “bonehead” idea in 1983 during the Reagan administration. 

Biden Flip Flops On Whether Voters ‘Deserve’ To Know His Stance

Biden also now claims that he would actually give voters his stance on court packing before the election.

This in stark contrast to Biden’s comments earlier this month.

Previously, Biden said voters didn’t need to know his stance on court packing and would learn after the election, should he win in November.

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“You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over,” Biden told reporters, according to the New York Post.”

In another strange interview, Biden said voters didn’t deserve to know his stance on court packing. 

Last night, Biden said that he would, in fact, tell voters his stance on court packing before the election

Biden said, “They do have a right to know where I’ll stand and they’ll have a right to know where I stand before they vote.”