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George Stephanopoulos supreme court
ABC News/Creative Commons
January 5, 2024
George Stephanopoulos determined there is no chance that the Supreme Court will uphold the decision to ban Donald Trump from state ballots.
Elon Musk voiced valid concerns that the media appears to serve as a mouthpiece for the Biden administration, amounting to little more than a presidential "cheering squad."
Screenshot: CNBC Television YouTube Video
September 14, 2023
Elon Musk slammed the media after the White House sent out a memo demanding that outlets "scrutinize Republicans."
ABC News journalism
Source: Screenshot, YouTube
October 29, 2021
ABC News is perpetuating the claim that Trump colluded with Putin to steal the 2016 election with its 'Out of…
Obama Biden
August 31, 2021
Barack Obama's former White House doctor contradicted Joe Biden, claiming that Americans are still stranded in Kabul.
Chris Wallace Biden
August 22, 2021
Chris Wallace admitted that Joe Biden has been "flat wrong" about Afghanistan, questioning "does the president not know what's going…
Biden Chris Wallace
August 22, 2021
The Fox News host Chris Wallace turned on Joe Biden over the Afghanistan debacle, admitting that "it's been a mess."
fauci now admits
May 19, 2021
Fauci basically admitted that his decision to continue wearing a mask indoors even though he was fully vaccinated was indeed…
Biden Tara Reade
March 19, 2021
Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade has reemerged to slam him and Democrats for their reaction to the Andrew Cuomo claims.
Pelosi Cuomo
March 14, 2021
Nancy Pelosi refused to demand that Andrew Cuomo resign, saying that he "should look inside his heart to see if…
Town Hall
October 16, 2020
Joe Biden's ABC Town Hall questioners included a former speechwriter for Barack Obama. ABC tried to hide it, but the…
joe biden court packing
October 16, 2020
Joe Biden said during his ABC town hall that he is "open" to packing the Supreme Court with additional justices…