A new poll from Zogby Analytics shows that former Vice President Joe Biden is expanding his lead over Bernie Sanders for a potential Democrat primary in 2020.

Biden leads the senator from Vermont by a count of 26-18 percent, with a woman who vowed she wasn’t going to run named Oprah Winfrey coming in third with 14 percent, and another woman who faked Native American heritage to get where she is, Elizabeth Warren, a distant fourth at 8 percent.

Rounding out the poll in the Hall of Shame section is Kamala Harris (4%), Cory Booker (3%), Andrew Cuomo (2%), Sherrod Brown (1%), Kirsten Gillibrand (1%), Deval Patrick (1%), Eric Holder (1%), and Terry McCauliffe (1%).

Actually, the ever-popular ‘Not Sure’ came in at a rousing 22 percent and could rival Biden should he/she announce.

Joe Biden 2020

How is Biden doing it? He’s getting stronger polling numbers as the voters’ age goes up. While millennials continue to gravitate towards the socialist curmudgeon in Sanders, those individuals old enough to know what socialism does to a society lean more towards Biden.

“Biden is particularly strong with voters aged 50+; he receives 24% among likely voters aged 30-49; 32% among likely voters aged 50-64, and 40% among likely voters aged 65+,” the Zogby report reads. “In each of these age cohorts, Biden bests Sanders, except for voters aged 18-29, where Sanders wins by an almost 2 to 1 margin.”

Maybe it’s that … or maybe it’s just because his ‘hands-on’ approach is appealing to people. And by ‘hands-on,’ we really mean ‘hands-on.’

Joe Biden 2020
Joe Biden 2020
Joe Biden 2020

Biden has said that he’d only consider a presidential run if he could take on Donald Trump.

“If Trump runs, Biden is suggesting he’s likely to do it because age won’t be a factor,” an individual close to Biden told FOX Business. “He also thinks he can beat Trump.”

We’d certainly like to see that matchup.

Do you think Joe Biden will run against Trump in 2020? Who would win that matchup? Share your thoughts below!