Barack Obama’s former attorney general, Eric Holder, seemed to hint that he is strongly considering a White House run in 2020.

Holder was asked about a possible campaign for the Democrat nomination at a media breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

“We’ll see,” he responded. “I think I’ll make a decision by the end of the year about whether or not there is another chapter in my government service.”

Holder would fit right into the mold of corrupt Democrats running for the presidency, taking up the baton passed by Hillary Clinton.

The former AG does have one thing going for him – an ability to reach across the aisle to get things done in Washington.

Take, for example, the vote holding him in contempt of Congress over a refusal to produce Operation Fast and Furious documents. Seventeen Democrats crossed party lines to join Republicans in the finding of contempt against Holder. Now that’s the kind of bipartisanship you simply don’t see these days.

You may recall the crux of that contempt vote – the Fast and Furious scandal – involved running guns to Mexico which were then lost and used by drug cartels. One was used in the shooting death of border patrol agent Brian Terry, while others turned up at the scenes of violent crimes in Phoenix, as well as at least 11 other violent crimes across the country.

Holder was also famously caught lying under oath to Congress by claiming to have never been involved in trying to prosecute reporters, despite personally approving an application for a warrant on Fox News’ James Rosen as a potential co-conspirator in espionage.

Now that’s the kind of commander-in-chief we need right there. A gun-running, contemptuous, liar. Might make for an interesting bumper sticker slogan.

Holder hinted at a run for President over the summer, saying “Up to now, I have been more behind-the-scenes … But that’s about to change.”

By all means, Mr. Holder. Stay behind the scenes.

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