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Jimmy Carter Warns Democrats Not To Talk Impeachment

A confession: I don’t despise Jimmy Carter.

I know it’s fashionable for right-wingers to hate on the former President from Georgia. But I’ve always seen Carter as kind of a ho-hum harmless country boy swept into circumstances he wasn’t equipped to handle.

In that vein, I think Carter’s latest advice to Democrats is full of the humility and caution he used throughout his career in public service. And it’s also advice that Democrats will hate to hear.

Carter went on Fox Business with a warning for Democrats: refrain from impeachment talk. It will only hurt Democrats electorally.

Check it out:

I’m loving that red ascot, President Carter!

You have to give him credit: Carter is being earnest here, to the point of losing his own standing among Democrats. Not only is the young socialist wing of the Democratic Party fired up about impeaching Trump, but some of the biggest spokespeople of that faction openly talk about impeachment. (RELATED: Maxine Waters Calls for President Trump’s Impeachment at AIDS Walk.)

There has been pushback, however, with both Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders both warning against calling for impeachment. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Tells Lawmakers To Pump The Brakes On Trump Impeachment.)

Like Pelosi, Carter is politically aware enough to know that calls for impeachment won’t be well regarded with middle-of-the-road voters. They know it’s a far-left demand that doesn’t play well in the rural areas of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Carter’s warning may be prescient but it will likely be ignored by younger Democratic voters. They’re too young and inexperienced to appreciate a man like Carter. And, worse, they aren’t about to take the advice of an older white Christian male, who disagrees with abortion to boot! (RELATED: Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would Not Approve of Abortion.)

So, apologies to President Carter. His voice no longer matters in the Democrat Party.