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At Historic Moment for Peace, CNN’s Jim Acosta Shouts Something Jaw-Dropping

Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House correspondent best-known for being the most vocal provocateur in the press pool, took it to a new level in Singapore yesterday. Watch (below) as Acosta interrupts the historic summit between President Donald J. Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un by shouting questions at the most inappropriate time imaginable.

As President Trump was signing the document, Acosta indignantly shouted, “Mr. President, did we agree to denuclearize?”

As it would have been an inappropriate moment to react, Trump remains silent. That is when Acosta asked another question: “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?” (RELATED: CNN’s Jim Acosta Freaks Out When Secret Service Agent Doesn’t Recognize Him).

Acosta was on a roll yesterday in his attempt to annoyingly seek attention. Earlier in the day, Acosta shouted at Trump from a long distance away: “Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir? Any progress, Mr. president.” He added, “Mr. Kim, will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?”

Acosta was admonished on Twitter for his childish behavior, and many are calling for his White House press credentials to be pulled.

One would compare Acosta’s actions to a Democratic operative, but one would imagine that even a staffer at the DNC would be respectful at such an extraordinary, historic moment.

As Acosta well knows, President Trump negotiated the release of Otto Warmbier who was imprisoned in North Korea for 18 months after reportedly stealing a propaganda poster off a wall.

After Trump’s actions, Otto’s father Fred Warmbier opined, “We’re so thankful.” But sadly, Warmbier didn’t live long after returning home after months of torture by the horrible regime. But his parents were relieved that he could at least pass away at home after they were ignored by the Obama administration.

Hours after Acosta’s childish shouting, Trump held a press conference where he took reporters’ questions, and he addressed Warmbier’s treatment and released a statement noting “he didn’t die in vain.” Trump added, “He had a lot to do with us speaking today.”

What do you think about Jim Acosta, and should his White House press credentials be pulled? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.

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Thomas is a movement conservative and American patriot. He has a vigorous blue-collar, Jacksonian attitude with a skeptical eye toward pop culture and political correctness. He’s not afraid to sound the alarm about America’s rapid decline. He has worked on political campaigns for over a decade at every level of government.

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  • It's hard to believe what idiots we seem to put up with from the Press corp. Does he work
    for Americans or does he work for our enemies? One day soon, he'll open his filthy/nasty
    mouth one time too many and someone's gonna paste that ugly face to match his demeanor.

  • Putting aside that he's a nuisance and embarrassment, Acosta is becoming a threat to our national security. This is the just the beginning of very delicate negotiations and no one should be in close proximity to insult Kim Jong-un. If the networks don't expect and demand high professional standards from their reporters, they need to be warned of removal. Journalists need to be warned of consequences if they cause direct, immediate and irreparable damage to the U.S.

  • Acosta should be banned from White House pressers and CNN should fire him; the photo of CNN personnel, above, should be labeled "Dumb, Dummer and all their siblings".

  • Jim Acosta has done what many far left people have done they have escaped reality and entered stupidity.

  • BY FAR America's very-best-Modern-Era President -- and its first, at all, for eight awful years -- President Donald John Trump achieves more per 24-hours than the likes of boy/infants Parteigenosse Acosta and Sayyid SoroSoetorObama, (neither of whom has ever had an idea anyone wanted and/nor would pay for nor has managed so much as a shelf-stacker shift in a Piggly Wiggly) combined, will get done during their "lives."

  • Jim Acosta's White House press credentials Should Have Been Pulled Along Time Ago When President Trump Had To Repeatedly Tell Him to Shut Up Until President Trump Told Him He Was Fake News LOL and When Acosta Kept Interrupting Him The Secret Service Should have Stepped in and Escorted Him Out and Taken His Press Credentials

    • And he might better check before ever again getting on a plane to Singapore that he'll ever-again be admitted there.

      Worshipful Brother Sir Stamford Raffles' heirs in the Republic of Singapore comprise a pretty darned proud nation and take seriously unkindly to their VIP guests - while in their care and under their protection - being rudely accosted and verbally assaulted by cretinous and fascistic foreign thugs.

      And then, at home, Ms Sarah Sanders, there is the small matter of this cretinous, polemicist, propagandist, Fascist Media thug's "press" pass into our White House? Have you, Ma'am, too little respect for your office that it, in the first place, credentials such meet-locker-IQ thugs as Acosta?

      Enough, Already! Pull his pass.

      Brian Richard Allen.:

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