CNN’s Jim Acosta clearly thinks he’s more important than he is. This, despite being perpetually ignored by the White House press secretary, and ridiculed by President Trump. (RELATED: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Said Her Whining Kids Prepared Her for Handling CNN’s Jim Acosta).

So you wouldn’t think he’d go with the ever-popular ‘Do you know who I am card’ under any circumstances.

Yet, here we are, traipsing around White House grounds without his identification and still demanding access.

“When you’re walking around,” an agent says to Acosta, “we need you to wear it so we know who you are.”

He responds with a minor hissy fit, “I’ve been here five years and nobody has said that to me.”

Fortunately, an agent for the Secret Service wasn’t about to give Acosta any special treatment for being important in his own mind, demanded his pass, and sent him on his way, tail tucked firmly between his legs.

Not before delivering this epic insult: “I haven’t been here five years, I didn’t recognize you.”


According to the reporter who captured the scene, Michael J. Morrison, this video was actually at the point where Acosta had begun to calm down.

“He started getting pissed that they didn’t know him,” Morrison said. “By the time I got my camera out he was already ‘cooling down.'”

The Twittersphere’s reaction to Acosta’s display was priceless.

The White House hasn’t exactly been a kind place to somebody like Acosta, who works for a network that produces questionable journalistic content.

President Trump put it much more succinctly when he told Acosta, “I like real news, not fake news. You’re fake news.”

Then there was the time press secretary Sarah Sanders mocked Acosta after he whined about nobody taking a question for three consecutive briefings, and hashtagged his rant with the word “#courage.” (RELATED: CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines About Not Getting Questions From White House – Sarah Sanders Slaps Him Back to Reality).

“Courage isn’t taking ‘a question from CNN,’ Jim,” she wrote back.

Sanders punctuated her response with a hashtag of her own – “#itsnotaboutyou.”

Acosta just got another lesson from Secret Service that it’s not about him. When will he ever learn?

Should Jim Acosta have his credentials revoked? Share your thoughts below!

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