Conservative Host Jedediah Bila Leaving ‘The View’

If you thought “The View” was bad now, just wait until it loses its ostensibly conservative host.

Jedediah Bila announced this morning that she plans to leave the gossipy show. According to Page Six, “Bila, 38, joined the show as a permanent co-host for the show’s 20th season, after appearing as a guest during the prior season.”

Bila did not provide a reason for her departure. She only thanked the viewers. Watch:

With Bila out, the show is hosted entirely by liberals. She wasn’t perfect, but compared to her fellow hosts like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, she was a hardline right-winger. Many times, she was the only voice of reason during debate:

I doubt any Trump voters actually watch The View. Even so, it was nice knowing the show featured at least one non-hysterical voice not clamoring for Trump’s impeachment.

Bila is working on a book and other future projects, which may have influenced her decision to leave. I have a different theory: She’s simply fed-up with the anti-Trump voices who dominate the show. I don’t blame her at all for getting out.

Fans of Bila wished her well Twitter:

The rumor is that former Fox News contributor Meghan McCain could replace Bila. CNN reports that she is in talks to join the show. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it happens.

What do you think? Are you sad Bila is leaving The View? Will you watch if Meghan McCain replaces her? Tell us your thoughts below, and share this story on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • I hope they replace her with Nichole Wallis she knows her facts. Beli just kept repeating "but Hillary's emails' I guess that is all she could remember from fox fake news.

  • Liberal democrats have no tolerance for anyone with an opinion different from theirs. They are unwilling to civilly disagree with someone and simply move on, and understand that there are many people in this country that have many different political opinions.

    Jedidiah is only one of many who have been discriminated against because of her conservative political and social opinions. She is a very intelligent woman who I have enjoyed hearing on Fox News for years, before she went onto The View.

    Personally, I have experienced this kind of discrimination first hand where some state and local politicians, along with democrat power bosses, are able to keep those who speak out from obtaining and keeping a regular job. This has been going on for over a decade in my state.

  • The View is going strong in the ratings and, in fact, have seen the ratings increase since the election of Donald Trump. Chances of it being cancelled and slim to none, with none in the lead. It seems to me if you hate the show so much, don't watch it. There are millions who love it. And it brings in millions of dollars in revenue for ABC.

    • Whose talking about cancelling the show? Naturally, any angry or bitter person loves gossiping about someone else. The View is all about that. Whoopi and Joy run the discussion on that show, and it's nothing more than a left-wing, anti-Trump propaganda session. About 40% of the country is liberal and, understandably, loves that kind of tripe.

      Things will change after the war.

  • The ONLY way I would ever watch the view is when Whoopi Dumbberg and her friend JOINT Behind bars would leave.The other way would be by paying me whatever you pay the 2 loudmouths per episode.This program should be required for Lil Kim Un and he would give up in a day.

  • For Meghan McCain going to The View will be like the Jews returning to Egypt. She did her time on MSNBC and other hysterical liberal outfits and has said while she was at Fox News that she could finally have friends again.

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