James Woods Applauds Andy Ngo For Risking It All To Cover Antifa Domestic Terrorism In Portland

Conservative actor James Woods praised Andy Ngo, the independent journalist, for “shining a light on domestic terrorism” by antifa in Portland.

Ngo Praised By Woods For Serious Journalism

Woods has been tweeting recently about the recent antifa riots in Portland, and across the country. Recently, he sent out two photos of Hong Kong protestors, and the rioters in Portland, captioning it simply “ironic,” showing the clear difference between the two.

Woods then applauded Andy Ngo in a tweet on Thursday, sharing links to his Patreon, PayPal, and other links for people to donate towards his work.

“In an age where most American ‘journalism’ is the scientific equivalent of alchemy, this man is risking his life to shine a light on domestic terrorism,” Woods tweeted.

“He’s hated by Democrats and their paramilitary wing, antifa,” Woods continued. “He is literally a combat journalist.”

On The Ground Tackling Antifa Domestic Terrorism

Ngo has been on the ground in Portland, covering the riots by antifa, and documenting them for the world to see. This has included antifa threatening police with decapitcated heads of pigs, using powerful explosives against law enforcement, and trashing the city.

For this, he has been subject to threats, and targeting from antifa, including showing up to his family’s home, and blinding him with lasers.

How Can People Think Antifa Is A Myth?!

Yet despite all of this, there are still some people who think that antifa is a “myth,” most notably Representative Jerry Nadler, who denied their existence when confronted with it.

Woods slammed Nadler for this in a number of tweets.

“Stick his chubby ass in the middle of the mob, they’d literally trample him to death,” Woods said. “Honestly this numbskull would lie about the color of the sky.”

He then included more pictures of antifa violence, some of them previously tweeted by Ngo.

I think people like Nadler need to listen to Ngo and Woods, and see what is actually going on in the country right now!

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