Conservative actor James Woods went after Rep Jerry Nadler in a series of tweets for claiming that antifa rioters are a “myth.”

Nadler: Antifa Is A “Myth”

On Sunday, Jerry Nadler told a member of the press that the current violent antifa riots taking place across the country, in cities like Portland, Chicago, and Seattle, are a total “myth that’s being spread only in Washington D.C.”

This is, of course, contrary to the mountains of video and photographic evidence that exists, but that doesn’t seem to bother Mr Nadler at all.

Nadler was then slammed by multiple people, including Senator Tom Cotton.

“Nadler denying antifa is in Portland is kind of like ‘Baghdad Bob’ denying there were American tanks in Baghdad back in the day,” Cotton said.

“I mean, you can just look at the videos posted in recent weeks. People are carrying the flag of antifa and wearing t-shirts and spray painting it on buildings,” he added.

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Woods Takes Nadler Down!

Conservative star James Woods also didn’t take too kindly to Nadler’s remarks.

“Stick his chubby ass in the middle of the mob, they’d literally trample him to death,” Woods tweeted. “Honestly this numbskull would lie about the color of the sky.”

Woods then proceeded to mercilessly mock Nadler for denying antifa violence in a series of tweets. Woods posted photos from the riots showing people dressed up as antifa committing violent acts, something that clearly Nadler missed before making his statement on Sunday.

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These Statements Only Deserve Mockery

Mockery is exactly what’s needed when dealing with ridiculous statements like the one that Nadler made. They shouldn’t be approached with any serious debate, because of just how ludicrous they are. The concrete evidence that Woods posted, and investigative journalists like Andy Ngo regularly disseminates, prove him totally wrong.

The question is, why exactly is Nadler denying this evidence?