James Wood Points Out Stark Difference Between Protestors in Hong Kong and Portland

Conservative actor James Woods just pointed out that while protestors in Hong Kong fly the Stars and Stripes, protestors in Portland fly the flag of communism.

A Stark Comparison

In a tweet simply captioned, “ironic,” James Woods displayed two very contrasting photos. One of the protestors in Hong Kong fighting for freedom, and flying the Stars and Stripes as a symbol of liberty, while the other showed protestors in Portland, who instead chose the flag of Soviet Russia, the brutal, communist dictatorship.

It dramatically demonstrates just how different these groups are, while both nominally being “protestors,” as pointed out by many of the commenters under Woods’s tweet.

“Those living in [Hong Kong] know what will happen under CCP rule,” one user said. “The spoiled brats in Portland have no idea what they’re wishing for.”

One tweeter from Hong Kong replied by saying that this is the reason why they are fighting back for their freedom.

“We know how corrupted the CCP are,” they wrote. “My grandparents fled from China to Hong Kong about 70 years ago. 1/3 of Hong Konger’s ancestors had a similar situation. We cherish democracy very much. I hope American do.”

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Hong Kongers Are Fighting For Freedom, Portland Residents Are Fighting For Communism

I don’t think I’ve seen such a perfect summation of why, despite the fact that both the US and Hong Kong have seen protest movements recently, they are in fact so different. Hong Kong is being crushed under a brutal, communist dictatorship right now, but have still maintained a mostly peaceful environment, only fighting back against police when they have had to. And not to mention, those police don’t actually care about not hurting them!

While in Portland, and other parts of the country, rampant leftists loot, rob and burn, in order to implement the exact same type of communist dictatorship that the Hong Kongers are fighting against right now. It’s no coincidence that the leaders of Black Lives Matter are admitted Marxists, and that they have a convicted terrorist on their fundraising board.

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