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Secretary of Defense James Mattis Warns North Korea After Otto Warmbier’s Death

Well, that didn’t take long.

Days after the death of former North Korean prisoner Otto Warmbier on U.S. soil, Defense Secretary James Mattis put the communist country on blast. Along with Secretary of States Rex Tillerson, he took aim at North Korean’s obese dictator Kim Jong Un and fired off this aggressive statement:

“There is no way we can look at a situation like this with any kind of understanding. This goes beyond any kind of understanding of law and order, of humanity, of responsibility towards any human being.”

H/T: Daily Caller

Mattis continued by defending President Trump’s own North Korea criticism, saying that the Commander-in-Chief is sick and tired of “seeing the American people’s frustration with a regime that provokes, and provokes, and provokes, and basically plays outside the rules, plays fast and loose with the truth.”

Had this been the Obama Administration, we can be sure that Warmbier’s death would have gone unacknowledged, as the president continued to focus on empowering terrorist-supporting Imams in Iran.

That’s why Warmbier’s dad ripped the Obama Administration for effectively abandoning his son, leaving him in the hands of a murderous regime.

The blood of another American citizen is on North Korea’s and Obama’s hands. And liberals still wonder why the American people put Trump in the White House.

It’s high time for Donald Trump to get tough with North Korea and blast its portly dictator all the way to the moon.

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