James Comey has been fired from his role as head of the FBI – and had it happened six months prior, liberals would’ve cheered.

It’s amusing to see the vengeance that many on the Left had held against Comey for investigating Hillary Clinton during her campaign suddenly become outraged at the “injustice” of the firing – entirely attributable to the fact that it was Trump doing the firing. Whether it be John Podesta, Keith Olbermann, or Michael Moore, few liberals were intellectually consistent on this (with Podesta contradicting himself in a period of only 7 hours).

And they weren’t the only ones….

If Hillary Clinton were President, who doubts that Comey would’ve been out in a week? She has more reason to be vengeful against Comey than Trump does, after all.

In fact, had she done so – she would’ve been the second President Clinton in history to fire their FBI director.

In its 109-year history, only one F.B.I. director had been fired — until Tuesday, when President Trump fired James B. Comey. In July 1993, President Bill Clinton fired William S. Sessions, who had been nominated to the post by President Ronald Reagan in 1987. Mr. Clinton said his attorney general, Janet Reno, reviewed Mr. Sessions’s leadership and concluded “in no uncertain terms that he can no longer effectively lead the bureau.”

Mr. Sessions had been cited for ethical lapses, including taking free trips on F.B.I. aircraft and using government money to build a $10,000 fence at his home. Mr. Sessions was asked to resign, and was fired when he refused to do so. “Despite the president’s severe tone, he seemed to regret having to force Mr. Sessions from his post,”

Similarly, Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey on the recommendation of his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. (No relation to William S. Sessions.) There are no United States statutes that discuss the president’s authority to remove the F.B.I. director.

While Comey’s departure as FBI head may be a rarity historically, let’s not forget that his termination was largely a bipartisan issue.

The tin-foil hat Left is now arguing that Trump only fired Comey because Comey was investigating his ties to Russia – an investigation that has turned up no evidence whatsoever. Had Hillary Clinton been president and fired Comey, would the liberals making such an argument be intellectually consistent – and link the termination to Comey’s prior investigation into Hillary?

Probably not.

They’re not mad that Comey is out the door. They’re mad that it’s a Republican who gets to take credit for it.

H/T 100 Percent Fed Up

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