FBI Investigating Ivanka Trump’s Financial Ties To Trump Tower In Vancouver

FBI counterintelligence officials are investigating Ivanka Trump’s financial ties to Trump Tower in Vancouver as part of Ivanka’s attempt to obtain full security clearance.

Despite being a Trump-branded hotel and bearing an Ivanka-branded spa, the Trump International Hotel and Tour in Vancouver is not owned by the Trump Organization. Instead, it’s owned by Malaysian real estate heir Joo Kim Tiah, who pays licensing and marketing fees to the Trump Organization.

Ivanka played a key role in securing the development deal with Tiah. The complex cost $360 million to build and opened in February 2017. It’s unclear which specific part of the deal FBI officials are investigating, although it could involve the flow of foreign money from the developer and international condo buyers to the Trump Organization.

Of course, the liberal media has been quick to label the probe a “red flag” – a claim that Peter Mirijanian, a spokesperson for Ivanka’s ethics counsel, flatly denied. “CNN is wrong that any hurdle, obstacle, concern, red flag or problem has been raised with respect to Ms. Trump or her clearance application,” Mirijanian said. “Nothing in the new White House policy has changed Ms. Trump’s ability to do the same work she has been doing since she joined the Administration.”

Indeed, investigations into foreign contacts and business deals are standard in high-level security clearance background checks like the one Ivanka is seeking. However, there might not even be anything to investigate; Alan Garten, executive vice president and chief legal officer for the Trump Organization, told CNN that the organization has only been involved with brand licensing, and not financing or sale of units.

In other words, the liberal media is making a mountain out of a molehill regarding an FBI investigation of a Trump. What’s new?

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