Ilhan Omar’s Opponent Slams Her As ‘Absentee Landlord,’ Defends Trump Rally

Chris Kelley, who announced that he is coming for Ilhan Omar’s congressional seat in July, slammed the Minnesota Democrat for abandoning her constituents, referring to her as an “absentee landlord.”

Kelley, who currently works as an officer for the Minneapolis Police Department and was a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Army and Army Reserves, made the comments during an interview Thursday morning on ‘Fox & Friends: First.’

He explained that as a police officer, he has the ability to talk to people as he works the streets. And they don’t like what they’re seeing out of Omar.

Whether it’s in her Somali community or “just everybody else I come in contact with,” Kelley believes the people of her district have grown tired of Omar acting like a rock star instead of working for the people.

“She’s traveling the world. She’s fighting the president on Twitter. She’s not doing anything in the district,” Kelley said relaying complaints from the people he’d like to represent. “And, I can say firsthand, the homelessness, the opioid problems, and other issues aren’t improving.”

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Kelley also took Omar and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to task for using political intimidation tactics to prevent a rally for President Trump at the Target Center in Minnesota.

Frey managed to get the facility to charge the President’s campaign $530,000 for security when former President Barack Obama was only charged $20,000.


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“Both [Frey] and Ilhan Omar are speaking against the president coming here today and I think that will embolden certain groups to come out and to try and cause problems,” Kelley explained.

Kelley also noted on Twitter that the two Democratic officials are putting officers in danger by “weaponizing citizen safety for political reasons.”

“It is frustrating. We should welcome any sitting president coming here,” Kelley continued.

“We’ve welcomed other presidents with open arms and now because there’s a disagreement or we have a president across a different aisle, there’s an issue here. So, I believe we should disagree with dignity.”

Omar and beta Frye are significantly lacking in the dignity department.

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Kelley originally announced his plans to challenge Omar this past summer, saying he was motivated to run after he saw her comments at a meeting with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In those comments, she dismissed the September 11th terror attacks, describing them as “some people did something.”

“September 11 was a terrible loss of life, not just for police officers and firefighters and other first responders, but 3,000 people and non-combatants died, and to be dismissive of that was an outrage,” Kelley criticized.

As for the race, the Iraq war veteran thinks he has a solid chance to win.

“You’re going to have a lot of people coming out, and I think we have an excellent chance of coming out on top,” he said during the interview.

Omar, according to most recent polls, has a negative approval rating.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Good luck to Officer Kelley or anyone else who can help Minnesota rid itself of one of the biggest racists next to Michigan's Tlaib. One less squat to worry about.

  • Omar's constituants need to wake up & see that she has no desire to help her community- just advance racism, hate, forcing her ideology on the country - not just her district.
    She has set race relations back years!

    Most Americans have gained having two parties, believing the two side would hash out ideas, vote, hopefully vetting & making better decisions. Not ONE party rule!
    Silencing all decent isn't American.... and we should never support it!

    Anyone over 12, or who was taught the Constitution & the Bill of Rights is against a one party system or Socialism!

    Omar, taught differently, has a different agenda and shouldn't be in our government!
    Her private life proves it! As the Dems like to say, no one is above the law!

    Non assimilation is one thing- to crusade for socialism should not be taken lightly nor tolerated! Vote her out!

  • What has she done for the State of Minnesota? I could care less about where she comes from as long as she puts her constituents first, which she clearly does not.

    She thinks her job is to push her own political views, not that of the people she is suppose to represent.

    The people of Minnesota elected an activist, not a Senator.

  • Is there any successful Muslim Politician in the West? The answer is No, They are married to their sect and will always put it's interests First, Yours 2nd.

  • I would definitely vote for Chris! I'd like to see Omar and all other anti-Semitic, un-patriotic, Socialists kicked out of our government. People like 'the squad' are BAD for the USA!!! We are a democratic republic and we have no room for Socialism! TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT

  • Thank you sir for your service and your dedication to telling the truth even when people don't like to hear it. Maybe if you can get in to office with even libturd in the world working againist you... you can help us drain the freaking swamp at a local level too!

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