Does she have other brothers?

The Daily Mail reports that Rep. Ilhan Omar was spotted leaving “a romantic out-of-the-way restaurant” in Playa Del Rey with a mystery man, months prior to reports of a split with her husband, Ahmed Hirsi.

Omar and the man, seen at Caffé Pinguini’s, were seen holding hands by patrons and reportedly “went to lengths to prevent the couple from being photographed.”

The dinner date came just one day after the Minnesota Democrat’s controversial remarks at Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) banquet, where she downplayed the 9/11 terror attacks describing them as “some people did something.”

“The question is why they were at this particular restaurant. It’s so out of the way,” the man who took the video suggested. “It’s the sort of place you go when you don’t want anyone to know where you are.”


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“He seemed very protective of her, it was not a random person. It just felt to me like they were close,” the witness told the Daily Mail.

Headed For Second Divorce

The outlet suggests that the video may explain what led to another exclusive report – that Omar had left her husband, moved into a penthouse apartment in Minneapolis, and the pair seem headed for their second divorce.

The turbulent marriage situation come as several sources, including the left-leaning Minneapolis Star-Tribune, reported on documents raising questions as to whether Omar previously married her own brother as a means to “skirt immigration laws.”

The Tribune reported that in 2016, Omar’s campaign was “rocked by allegations in a Somali news forum and the conservative Power Line blog suggesting that [Ahmed Nur Said] Elmi is her brother and they married for unspecified immigration benefits.”

That same blog reports that the man in the Daily Mail video, according to their sources, “tell me that Ilhan Omar’s new guy raises funds for her and is not Somali.”

This is the kind of thing that would be a big, big deal if it were Trump. But Omar gets a pass from the liberal media. Power Line writes that this behavior shouldn’t be treated as “tabloid fodder,” and that Omar has “serious scandals lying in plain view.”

9/11 Comments

Chris Kelley, a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Army and Army Reserves, announced that he is gunning for Omar’s congressional seat, in part because of the aforementioned 9/11 controversy.

“September 11 was a terrible loss of life, not just for police officers and firefighters and other first responders, but 3,000 people and non-combatants died, and to be dismissive of that was an outrage,” Kelley told Fox News.

Omar denies she meant any offense and claims the comments were taken out of context. Regarding her marriage controversies, she has consistently refused to answer questions about the allegations pertaining to her brother.