IG Report on Comey’s Misbehavior to Be Released on Trump’s Birthday

Either the fates have aligned, or President Donald Trump is one lucky man.

On June 14th, President Trump will turn 72 years old. And while he celebrates his birthday in style, he’s going to get a very special birthday present: James Comey’s head on a platter!

Not really…but close! On June 14th, the Justice Department will release a probe of former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. And, word on the street is that the report will be none too complimentary.

From the Daily Mail:

Former FBI Director James Comey’s date with Washington’s political buzzsaw will be June 14. That’s when an internal Justice Department review of the agency’s Clinton email probe is set for public release.

President Donald Trump can’t wait: June 14 will be his 72nd birthday.

The Justice Department informed the Senate Judiciary Committee of its schedule on Thursday, and said Inspector General Michael Horowitz will testify in a public hearing on June 18. House Judiciary Committee members will get their chance to quiz Horowitz a day later.

Two days ago, ABC News gave an exclusive preview of the report, which is supposed to hold that Comey was “insubordinate,” namely that he defied authority by releasing the notice about reopening the Clinton email investigation just days before the 2016 election day.

The report is also expected to be critical of then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her department’s handling of the Clinton email case. We still don’t know the extent of how critical it will ultimately be of Comey.

It’s about time this report is coming out. President Trump has demanded its release time and time again.

The Department of Justice has been uncharacteristically slow at releasing documents related to internal investigations, such as what exactly the FBI did during the 2016 election. (RELATED: Devin Nunes Threatens To Hold Jeff Sessions in Contempt of Congress).

This kind of stonewalling has been unacceptable, and it’s about time we finally get the truth about how the Department of Justice has been fulfilling its duty.

Looks like on June 14th, President Trump won’t be the only one getting a present – the rest of the country will get one too. And it’s the best gift of all: the truth!

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  • Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, John Brennan, James Clapper were among the most powerful people in U.S. history. Under Barack Obama’s leadership, they commanded armies of armed agents who were empowered to bug and wiretap almost anyone, including the presidential candidate and his campaign. They operated in total secrecy and had virtually unlimited budgets (Independent Sentinel, 2018).

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. President. I wish we could put a bow on it by hanging each and every one of these traitors from a tree out on the White House lawn.

  • Even with delays, what is the point, if the people in question can't be prosecuted by the IG? Seems to be a BIG WASTE OF NUNES AND OUR TIME!!!! The ONLY way ANY of this would matter, is if SOMEONE who has the power to prosecute were to take this information as HIS research, investigation, and use it to actually force an accounting by these parties, who have committed crimes! So, if Nunes does find that Comey, Lynch, Obama, Hillery, or anyone else has executed fraud, etc., WHAT GOOD IS IT, IF THEY CAN'T BE PROSECUTED? Comey did this for Hillery. He stated every questionable thing that she did that was a crime, and then excused her actions, rewarding her for breaking the law!!!


  • One by one, each and everyone of the self-proclaimed “King Obamahole” minims are falling. Man you just gotta love it. I am waiting for pretty face Clinton, King Obamahole, arrogant Holder and Lynch to meet the wrath of law and the da*m democrats will not be able to control it.

    • "Comey, Lynch, Obama, and Hillary should share a prison cell." At one of the SuperMax prisons. Permanent solitary confinement is too little a penalty for these fiends who attacked our freedom.

      And I would add, Holder, Kerry, Clapper, etc.

  • The "government" protects each other's backs from the top down. They do not want to set a standard or precedent because they are ALL guilty of something unless it's egregious I.E. Blago. It's an unwritten rule. Look at the VA, Kennedy, the unions et al.

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