If Rand Paul Doesn’t Fix This Problem, His Political Career Could Be OVER

Rand Paul’s campaign for President has found so little traction that he’s in tenth place among republican party candidates, with only two percent of republican voters saying he’d be their first choice for the 2016 nominee.

Rand Paul

Not only is his Presidential bid failing on all levels, he’s taken so much time and resources away from his parallel campaign for reelection in the Senate that he may end up being bounced out of government entirely.

The Hill says that Rand Paul is taking a “break” from the national campaign circuit in order to return home to Kentucky and focus on his Senate campaign instead. Paul’s campaign insists that he’s not dropping out of the race for President. But he’s clearly concerned about shoring things up in Kentucky, where he could have been campaigning and fundraising all along if he hadn’t spent the summer participating in a Presidential primary contest in which he’s been largely rejected.

If Rand Paul falls even one spot further in national polling he runs the risk of being yanked from the lineup for the next debate, which would be a likely kiss of death for any candidate in a Republican field this crowded.

With his hopes of winning the nomination now near zero, and with all the time he’s taken away from his Kentucky Senate race already, it’s enough to make one wonder if his “break” from the national campaign trail will end up being a permanent one.

Do you think Paul should drop out now and focus on his re-election for the Kentucky Senator seat he currently holds? Share your opinion below and let us know what you think. 

h/t – The Hill

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