If you have any doubt what will happen if the Democrats win in November you only need to watch what is happening in Portland, Oregon.

Everyone is so focused on Trump tweets, which I believe is a calculated decision by the mainstream media to usher in lawlessness and that is sad because the power is in the two houses of Congress. Not only do Republicans need a Supermajority in both Houses to once again stop the fundamental transformation started by Barack Obama, they need responsible lawmakers to get the job done.

Then they need to return the presidential role back to where it belongs. They need to take back their constitutional authority.

My cousin called me the other day, one that voted for Obama, suddenly woke to what was happening around him said; “I’m sitting watching the news I suddenly realized I was raised by an Anarchist what knew all this was coming.”

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Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the Left triumphs in America, that it makes a total political sweep in the election and proceeds to implement a radical race-based program of reparations, choreographed show-trial groveling by repentant whites, and mandatory indoctrination, re-education for the population.

That may be the stuff of a leftist wish-list, but there are some serious questions that the Democrat platform leaves unaddressed.


Even if America cuts checks for living blacks who were never slaves, even if we who never owned slaves are forced to make theatrical displays of contrition and remorse, and even if we have every last ounce of that putatively pent-up black bile shoved down our throats, how will any of that change the objective conditions under which blacks live in America?

In other words, what blacks have been made to become—and what they have made themselves become—how will any of that change if what I described above were to come to pass?

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Will our neighborhoods be safer or more prosperous? Will the drug-dealing vermin who rule there be exterminated? Will black family structure ever reappear? Will black popular culture come to repudiate the brazen tawdriness of its fundamentally nihilistic outlook and replace it with something dynamic and constructive?

In summary, the Democrat strategy of reducing everything to race is a short-term and cunning gambit, but it’s ultimately a superficial ploy, one designed to promise much but deliver debilitating amounts of little.


Because of our support of President Trump, we have forced the communists out in the open before they were ready and they are trying to take over a society that is still individually armed; this has NEVER succeeded.

They have not even succeeded in subverting the police (the reason for the backup plan of defunding). A tipping point will be reached. Can’t say what, or when, but using force to discourage day-of-election voting by conservatives maybe it.

Obama once raised the point that there needed to be a civilian army well funded and trained to help make fundamental changes to the country. Are BLM and ANTIFA that civilian army and the intimidation of the police, national guard, and regular military part of the plan to clear the way?

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Maybe way down the road, we will see a return to an earlier model of federalism, with a smaller federal government carrying out only legitimate functions. End all the federal tax dollars sent back to states. Let states pay their own way. End the federal courts micromanaging American life. If California or other states want to be a socialist paradise, it won’t bother me, as long as they pay for it. The main difficulty will be the border and immigration. The federal government will have to maintain control of that.