I Think God Has Used Trump To Show Us What America Could Be Again – We Will Recover!

I genuinely believe that the left is doing what happens in war, probing the perimeters. They are looking for weak points in our defense, or this case, our resolve.

They are trying to see just how we will react and what we will take before standing up to them. Why have I come up with this about the Democrats? Look at what they are doing with legislation they are passing. They are slipping a lot of garbage in these bills they are passing that is not temporary, they are permanent.


They are also trying to knock out the small business owners. Small business owners can not survive a huge storm like the box stores, and corporate stores can do. I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I know when someone is blowing smoke up my backside, and that’s what the left is doing right now with their fear-mongering.

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Maybe yes, maybe no. I have no idea what the (unintentional) consequences of all these hyperbolic over-reaching over-reactions will be.

I think the economic damage they hope to wreak, and especially the pain they seek to inflict upon small business owners, is the most despicable. They hope that the economic tsunami will overrun and overwhelm Trump. They hope the destructive pummeling which waves after pounding wave invariably has upon the US (and world) economy will cause Trump’s chances of reelection to come crashing down.

It’s just a crying shame that those crashing waves wreak all manner of “collateral damage” on those who can least weather the storm.

It is what we see more devastating than 9/11, probably not and probably so.


Either way, whatever happens, I fervently hope one thing holds: that once people come to their senses and realize just how much unnecessary upset and outright destruction was deliberately ginned-up–and ginned-up solely to damage Trump rather than contain the Coronavirus/Wuhan Flu–I hope and pray that We the People will hold the bad actors on the Left accountable for their maleficent malfeasance and mischief.

If there is a political price to pay after all the upset and hysteria subside, I hope it is paid by those who ought to bear the cost: these power-hungry Leftists in the Deep State and the Mainstream Media who exploited a freaking flu bug to advance their craven lust to oust Trump.

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We’ve all heard the term “by any means necessary.” Too bad, we didn’t realize just how seriously the deranged Trump-hating Leftists were willing to take this term.


I find it interesting to realize the ones trying to blame President Trump will actually be assisting his campaign for reelection. Assuming hundreds of thousands or more don’t die from this, and I don’t think that’s likely, Trump will be able to claim his actions saved the country.

The president didn’t start the dominos falling but he realized the perception had to be dealt with. After all, in today’s world, you can’t treat children, the left and moderates, like adults. As far as I’m concerned even though I believe almost everything happening is a vast over-reaction, the game has to be played to its competition.

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I think God has used Trump to show us what America could be again. Just giving us a little taste before the Dems come up with something to bring him down and put one of their socialist psychotics in charge so then people will truly be able to notice the huge difference between what Trump has accomplished and what the Democrats will rip apart.

Then, maybe, they will pull their heads out of the sand and SEE, but by then, it will be too late, and the crazies will be in charge of the country once again.

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