Anthony Weiner has humiliated his wife Huma Abedin not once, not twice, but three times thanks to his sexting escapades.

I can’t imagine how Huma reacted the first time, let alone the second and third. Little did we know – there actually is video footage of her the moment Weiner’s second sexting scandal broke. You may have heard of a documentary released this year called “Weiner,” which profiled him during his 2013 Mayoral run in New York City. It was aimed at being a tale of redemption, chronicling the life of Anthony Weiner as he recovered from his first sexting scandal and re-entry into politics.

Unfortunately for him, his second sexting scandal broke, derailing his campaign. And when it broke, the documentary crew was there to capture the immediate reaction as they figured out what just happened. This footage wasn’t included in the documentary, but was leaked.

“What’s your press statement going to be?” she reacts, with practically zero emotion.

What a truly bizarre relationship they had.

Do you feel bad for Huma at all, or given her involvement with Hillary Clinton, does she deserve this? Share your thoughts below!