On the first day of early voting in Virginia, voters waited in lines up to 4 hours long, just to cast their vote in person.

Up To Four Hour Lines

The largest early voting lines were seen in Fairfax County, the state’s biggest jurisdiction, and one that heavily leans Democratic. By midday, around 300 people had already cast their ballots, and 300 more were waiting outside, with some even sitting in lawn chairs.

Kate Hanley, secretary of the Fairfax County board of elections, said that they would have to add a second room with ballot machines in order to get people out of the lines faster.

“We knew it would be busy but didn’t expect it would be quite this busy,” Hanley said. “Typically, we expect this kind of turnout on the last day of absentee in-person voting. Not on the first day.”

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Voters Concerned About Mail-In Voting

A number of voters who decided to come out and vote in person said that they were worried about mail-in voting. Adam Pierre, 57, voted in Loudon County and had voted early for the first time in his life.

“I don’t want my vote be thrown away,” Pierre said, who had initially planned to vote by mail. He was joined in his skepticism by Phyllis Appel, 78.

“I’m very skeptical about how that process is going to work,” Appel said. “I want every vote to count.”

Both of these voters voted for Biden, showing that it’s clearly not only Republicans who are concerned about the efficacy of mail-in voting.

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Two Clear Conclusions From This

This early voting lines, to me, clearly show two conclusions. Firstly, in person voting can work. If there are lines of up to 4 hours now, then surely there’s no need to shut down in person voting on election day! Democrat officials have got everyone panicked.

Secondly, as mentioned, people are worried about voting by mail. As they should be! I’ve reported numerous times on the serious risks that is has, including the potential for fraud on a scale this country has never seen.

We’ve literally had a Democrat operative admit all their frauds and scams and schemes they use to twist the vote – and none of them can be done if you go and vote in person! Let’s just hope the rest of the country follows Virginia’s example.