The original purpose of the lockdown was to flatten the curve so that hospitals wouldn’t be overrun with patients. We have done that and found various ways to treat patients that we didn’t know before.

These Democrats want to keep the economy on life support until the election because they think it will help them; it will backfire.

The death rate continues to go down as physicians figure out how to treat this. If you are healthy and under the age of 65, you most likely will not die from this nor even get terribly sick.

Please, for the sake of our upcoming generation, get back to work, school, and life. When did we become so cowardly as a nation? Our grandparents endured worse things then COVID-19 and soldiered on.  It was a mistake to shut down, and the media continues to fear monger, causing unnecessary fear. Come on America-we are better than this.

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Let me clear up one fake narrative the left has tried to push on the American people. President Trump never said the virus is a hoax.  He said the media claim he was doing nothing about it was a hoax.

The hoax is the claim regurgitated by the Trump-deranged that Trump said it was a hoax.  The video can be found to see for yourself rather than blindly swallowing what the TDS crowd is feeding you.  Think.

If Trump thought the virus was a hoax, why on earth would he have ordered a travel ban from China late in January when the number of cases at the time in the US was still a handful, mainly concentrated in a Seattle nursing home?

And if Trump took the virus so lightly at that time, how do you explain Joe Biden and the Democrats describing the travel ban as racist and xenophobic, and the WHO saying travel bans were ineffective?

Who was taking the virus seriously, and who unseriously?  As far as masks, try an Internet search using the phrases “Fauci no mask” and “WHO no mask” and see they were both insisting masks were unnecessary as late as early April.


One thing Dems haven’t learned yet is that lockdowns don’t work, and it’s hurting the entire country and will continue to do so in the long run. You can’t shut down the whole world to save one more person. The virus does not work this way. Nothing accomplishes this way.

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Starving people from making money does not prevent the virus. Guessing does not work either, which is all we’ve been doing since March 13.

I hope we keep the economy open and don’t follow Gov-Embarrassing-and- Napolean-Whitmer down the rabbit hole of closing restaurants again in Michigan.  What does that achieve? Nothing. We’ve proven it.


The arbitrariness of shutting things down to try and suppress the novel coronavirus at the expense of health care in general, and at the expense of many people’s livelihoods, in recognition of the failure of governments worldwide to plan and prepare for what was a certainty, given the history of pandemics, will be evaluated as a disastrous error by future historians.

Reliance on governments to be effective when it matters is merely naive.

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Simply blaming President Trump, including by Democrats who were making idiotic statements about the virus in March, while understandable in an election year, is nonetheless disingenuous. Those who can walk and chew gum at the same time understand this.

It’s an election year.  The fallout from a collapsed economy is the last thing Democrats care about.  All they see is that if there is a collapse, it increases their chances of winning the election.  When winning power is the result, any means are justified in Democrat thinking.

If you want a real chance to stay solvent personally and nationally there is only one hope: MAGA – For All