House Republicans Protest Mask Mandate By Marching Maskless On Senate Floor

On Thursday, dozens of House Republicans and some staff members protested Pelosi’s renewed mask mandate for the lower chamber by marching maskless from the House to the Senate floor.

The GOP members were protesting Capitol Police being instructed to arrest staffers and visitors who don’t wear masks, due to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest dictate.

The Senate does not have a similar rule.

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Chip Roy Office: ‘This Isn’t About Science. It’s About Politics And Control’

Republican Congressman Chip Roy led the effort, and was joined by around 50 other GOP colleagues.

A Roy spokesperson told Fox News, “Congressman Roy said it succinctly on the House floor Wednesday: ‘We have a crisis at our border and we’re playing footsie with mask mandates in the people’s house.”

 “The fact that Speaker Pelosi is willing to have vaccinated staffers arrested for not complying with her mask mandate while the border remains wide open tells you all you need to know,” the spokesperson continued.

“This isn’t about science,” Roy’s office added. “It’s about politics and control.”

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress, was another Republican who joined the march.

Cawthorn told Fox News that he “took a firm stance on individual liberty.”

“Along with the majority of Americans, we rejected the totalitarian, hypocritical, and arbitrary ruling from Speaker Pelosi demanding masks be worn in the House,” Cawthorn said.

He added, “My staff should never fear arrest because they practice individual responsibility.”

Maskless Mace to Pelosi: ‘Madam Speaker: Come And Get Me’

Freshman Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, the first female graduate of The Citadel, also protested the new Pelosi mask mandate by going maskless in the House on Thursday, tweeting, “Madam Speaker: Come And Get Me.”

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“If you’re going to arrest staff and visitors, don’t be shy or hypocritical about it, go ahead and arrest Members too,” Mace added.

The libertarian-leaning Republican continued, “Madam Speaker, your insane power grab is showing. Today I’m not wearing a mask outside of the chamber b/c I follow science — not Pelosi.”

“Come and get me,” Mace dared Pelosi again.


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