House Committee Wants to Know Who Bought Hunter Biden’s Art, But Dealer Won’t Say

The art dealer who manages the works of Hunter Biden isn’t playing ball with Republicans seeking to learn who has been buying the artwork of America’s First Son, who is already entangled in to many legal issues to county.

The New York Post has learned that the situation is connected to a congressional committee currently investigating the many controversial business dealings of the Biden family, and for that reason Hunter Biden, who has no formal education, training, or history being any kind of artist whatsoever, is in their scope.

Congressman James Comer, currently the new chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, received a letter from an attorney representing Georges Bergès, the art dealer who currently sells Biden’s work. In the letter his attorney stated that the dealer had “concerns” about disclosing the names of those who have bought Hunter’s artwork.

Essentially, the dealer worries that even though he could face hefty legal penalties for not complying with the congressional subpoena, the lawyer also states that to comply would also violate a series of rules that were set up directly by the Biden White House to seal information regarding the sale of Hunter’s artwork, making this situation all the more suspect.

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Hunter’s Artwork Looks ‘Fishy’

In the letter from the attorney, he cites a press briefing where prior Press Secretary Jen Psaki covered for the Biden’s involvement with son Hunter’s artwork.

“Providing the documents and information requested in your letter seemingly would defeat the efforts of Mr. Biden and the White House to avoid the ‘serious ethics concerns’ that you raise,” said attorney William Pittard.

The “safeguards” that were established by the White House mentioned by Psaki currently keep the name of the buyers confidential, “because if the White House was not aware of those buyers, it would seem impossible for the administration to grant the buyers any favors based on the purchases,” says Pittard.

“In light of these considerations, providing the documents and information requested in your letter seemingly would defeat the efforts of Mr. Biden and the White House to avoid the ‘serious ethics concerns’ that you raise,” he continued. “Mr. Bergès hopes that you and Mr. Biden can resolve that tension.”

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Let’s Not Forget About the Laptop

Hunter’s art passion hasn’t distracted GOP lawmakers from continuing to focus on his infamous laptop.

Today in D.C. at the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, lawmakers already dove into the Biden and his family over evidence that they worked with Twitter to silence online conversation and news regarding Hunter’s laptop. Now that they have the laptop, time will tell what else will be discovered.

“We’re going to start with the hard drive because there’s a lot of evidence on the hard drive that suggests Joe Biden knew very well what his family was involved in,” said Rep. Comer. “We want to make sure that our national security isn’t compromised because China is an adversary right now.”

Hunter Biden’s problems don’t seem to be disappearing. Currently his lawyers are calling for a criminal investigation against Fox News host Tucker Carlson who first broke the major story regarding the scandalous and controversial material found inside of the laptop.

According to The Political Insider, his attorneys are “requesting investigations into allies of former President Donald Trump who they say trafficked in stolen information from his laptop.”

Ironically, their pleas are a far cry from several years ago when Biden and his team said the laptop controversy was “Russian disinformation.”

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  • Countersue for defamation. Hit him with a dozen different lawsuits at once, shut his ignorant a-ess-ess up.

  • The NSA can help with that. They will have records of every wire transfer and check cashed. Stop misleading the citizens and go get the records you need. Are you not THE CONGRESS of the United States of America? Then, act like it.

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