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Hilarious Professional “Used Car Ad for Honda Accord” Will Make You Want to Buy It

A man hawking a used Honda Accord for his girlfriend got creative when she decided to sell the thing. He actually created a professional ad for the automobile…… a 1996 Honda Accord with 141,095 miles on the odometer.

Max Lanman posted the ad to Reddit, which looks almost identical to the kind of ad you’d see released by GM. A narrator talks in a soothing voice about how she is “one of a kind,” as the car is displayed from a birds eye view on a highway overlooking the ocean.

A close up reveals that one of the car’s tires is a little flat, and a billboard is seen on the road that reads “starting at $499.”

The tongue-in-cheek ad was an instant hit, racking up over five million hits on YouTube within days. Over 200 hours of work went into creating the ad, but it was produced with as much quality that goes into similar ads.

Watch below:

According to the YouTube video’s description, their auction for the car ended up topping $150,000 following the ad going viral, though Ebay pulled the listing not knowing the back-story, assuming there was some sort of fraudulent activity going on when a used car is selling for the price of a house. The auction was re-listed after Ebay was contacted regarding the context of the situation, but it was then removed again by someone on the site’s product department.

The nation’s largest used-car retailer, Carmax, decided to go “all-in” after viewing the ad, offering $20,000 for the car. Since CarMax’s company policy would then require them to purchase all cars of the same make and model for $20,000, they get a bit creative in what they’re offering $20,000 for in a funny response ad of their own:

Not a bad deal for a car with a Kelley Blue Book value of about $1,500.

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