Hillary’s Latest Comment PROVES She Thinks Americans Are Stupid

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton is either lying or in a serious state of denial. Even with the email scandal raging around her, causing serious damage to her campaign, she makes a ridiculous comment. Regarding her record of transparency, Clinton hilariously claimed:

“I have gone further than anyone I am aware of in American history.”

Does she think Americans are so stupid to believe whatever comes out of her mouth is true? Even when the facts state otherwise? How could she be the most transparent elected official in American history? Benghazi and keeping her private email server are just two examples that prove her to be a liar. It’s amazing she can say this without laughing.

Hillary is seen as untrustworthy by many Americans now. She refuses to take responsibility for her failures and instead seeks to blame the “right wing conspiracy.” Those tactics may have worked in the 1990s, but after more than 20 years of being lied to by the Clintons, the American public has had enough.

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H/T: Free Beacon

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