Hillary Clinton Apologizes for Email Server ‘Mistake’ But That’s Not All!

Hillary sorry? Give us a break. The Democratic Party front-runner is sorry that she got caught. She’s sorry that this has become a torpedo to her campaign. She’s sorry she has to deal with questions that make her look bad. She is not sorry about putting America at risk, and in essence turning over top secrets to the Russians and the Chinese.

One lie after another. She never sent or received classified information. She never sent or received information that was classified at the time. She never sent or was provided with information marked classified. It never stops with her. At this point, any talk about what was marked classified and when is splitting hairs.

How can anyone possibly believe that the Secretary of State did not receive classified and top secret information through her email? The very thought is absurd. Equally absurd is the idea that Hillary didn’t realize that confidential and top secret information would be emailed to her. If she thought that even for a second, she would need to be the most incompetent Secretary of State in the history of this country.


I don’t believe that Hillary setting up her server was a thing of convenience at all. In fact, it takes more trouble to set up a server and security system than to just use the government email. And didn’t she set up emails for her two closest advisers, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills? Does not sound like a convenience to me.

She wanted to hide activity but needed total control over her email to do so. Setting up a personal server and always using her personal email allowed her to control all communications and take it out of the federal system. It would allow her to scrub emails and, if the story ever came out, she would call it a Republican conspiracy as she had done with every other scandal that has littered her past. This is exactly what happened.

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I would not be the least bit surprised if some of her emails are retrieved by the FBI, and show a lot of shady deals, with lots of money going to Bill for speaker fees, lots more money going to the Clinton Foundation, and emails connecting payments to some kind of favor or preference received by the “donor”. That is the “real” Hillary. The Clintons have been doing it for decades.

Now that she is running for President, the latest Clinton scandal, unlike the others, is too big to cover up. That is the real reason Hillary is sorry.

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