Hillary Clinton Creates More Confusion When Asked About The State Department Releasing Her Emails



Hillary Clinton finally took a couple of questions on the campaign trail in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and instead of clearing up anything, her answer regarding the State Department releasing her emails only confused Americans more.

QUESTION: We learned today that the State Dept. might not release your emails until January 2016; a federal judge said they should be released sooner. Will you demand that they are released sooner, and to follow up on the question about the speeches, was there a conflict of interest in your giving paid speeches in the run-up to announcing you were running for president?

HILLARY CLINTON: They are not mine. They belong to the State Department. The State Dept. will go through its process but as much as they can expedite that process, that is what I’m asking them to do. Please move as quickly as they possibly can to get them out.

Here is the quick press interview:

I am sure I speak for the rest of the country when I say, I am confused. So, the emails you kept on your private server… were those the State Department’s? And then, the ones you sorted through and then destroyed… were those yours?

If only we had a media that served its purpose and defended the People from corruption in politics. This is the greatest opportunity since Watergate for a reporter to make a name for themselves. Someone in her camp will talk or release the wrong information. Find it and earn yourself a huge seven figure book deal. Since the media has turned its back on the people, in this case, doing it for themselves would achieve the same results.

I find it amazing that every time the Clintons do something wrong, it seems the government blocks them from coming clean! Here’s a tip to the government paid by our tax dollars; get out of the Clintons’ way! They really, sincerely want to be ethical! So that they can put the government in charge of more of our… oh… wait… contradiction…

What do you think about Hillary’s response? Are you confused about whose email is whose? Share your comments below.



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