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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Mary says:

    Without Obamanation as sitting president how the hell is she even going to get the dumocrat nomination, didn’t Obamanation pull string to make sure she won??? YEPPERS!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Is she serious? I’ll say it again, I wish she’d spend all their money then go to prison!

  3. Dave In Arizona says:

    Hillary Clinton To Speak at Teacher Union Conference With Other Presidential Hopefuls

    Wow, Hillary, that’s one way to go down in history: the first presidential candidate to be a three-time loser. Cool.

  4. Bruce says:

    Please run again Hillary….but do it before you get convicted…..

  5. Gordon says:

    The woman doesn’t know how to do anything else bu run for president. But why should we take any chance that she will be successful? She needs to be prosecuted for the many crimes she has committed in the recent past and put in prison. Let’s go Mr Sessions; let’s see if you deserve to be in office.

  6. clowekey says:

    Hillary…not a snowballs chance in hell will you ever be the president of this country….get over yourself and move along. You’re friggin too old to be acting like a spoiled baby you idiot! Why don’t you just shut the f__k up already! You LOSER!

  7. Joe says:

    Not so fast! What if Hillary is made the running mate on the next DNC ticket? Whoever runs as the nominee gets all the votes then “steps aside” (or something worse) so that Hillary the VP takes over. “Ford-Rockefeller 1976” comes to mind but with a different twist. (And no, Rockefeller did not become POTUS, however, two assassination attempts on Ford aroused some interesting concepts).

  8. onewildandcrazyguy says:

    Actually I’m one that wants to see all of them just go away including that newcomer the socialist. Just please go away.

  9. LARRY says:

    May be time for Lizzy (Borden) Warren to axe the crook Shrillary……The DNCommunist should do this in Madison Sq. Garden…..

  10. Ted says:

    We sure do hope she does, anyway. Just think, THEN we can get out ALL of the B/S she has been up to.

  11. MikeyParks says:

    All hail President Poo Poo pants!

  12. Mathies2 says:

    Joe in second place. Oh no; This is gonna be fun when the creepy joe videos resurface. Sanders will be a buffer just as he was in 2016. Deja vu!

    1. Mathies2 says:

      correction 1st place

  13. mdonalds1 says:

    Excellent! The more the merrier! The pie is getting sliced thinner and thinner!

  14. David says:

    Yes Hillary please run. Nothing would be funnier that seeing you lose again.

  15. Anoneemous One says:

    She is running! Thank goodness!
    This will guarantee that Trump wins.

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