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Hillary Clinton To Speak at Teacher Union Conference With Other Presidential Hopefuls

The rumors of Hillary Clinton’s audacious return to political life were just given new life.

Earlier this week, a columnist for the New York Post speculated that Hillary wasn’t yet done with politics, and was itching for a presidential rematch with Donald Trump. The teeny little bug of a rumor spread all across the internet, with both the Left and the Right groaning in unison of a possible Clinton 2020 campaign. (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr., James Woods Hilariously Respond to Reports Hillary is Running in 2020.)

There were many naysayers who shot down the idea of Hillary ever subjecting herself to the presidential campaign grind again. But now the former First Lady just gave another signal that she isn’t yet done with the political arena.

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Clinton will be joining her fellow Democrats and likely 2020 hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders at a conference hosted by the American Federation of Teachers. Clinton will likely be addressing the recent Supreme Court ruling that held that teacher unions can’t compel contributions from employees covered by the union. (RELATED: The Supreme Court Just Handed Down Its Big Decision On Mandatory Union Dues.)

Warren and Sanders are both favorites to be 2020 candidates. In a recent Zogby Analytics poll, Sanders is second only to former Vice President Joe Biden as a favorite to run against Trump. Elizabeth Warren isn’t far behind, coming in at 4th place behind Biden, Sanders, and Oprah Winfrey. (RELATED: Poll: Gropin’ Joe Biden Leads Field of Democrat Challengers For 2020.)

I, for one, welcome Hillary to the 2020 field, which will surely be crowded with hungry Democrats eager to take a bite out of Trump. Clinton has nothing really else going on in her life, other than speaking at liberal conferences for what’s probably a pittance compared to the Clinton Foundation speaker circuit.

Watching Hillary fight her way through a packed field to take on Trump yet again would be a joy to watch.

So, please do it, Hillary! Run again in 2020. I promise you might have a shot this time!