Hey Georgia Republicans, You Had Better Be In Those Polling Places Or We’re Done

Georgia Voting

The fact that Rep. Nancy Pelosi views her service as “war” tells you everything you need to know about the Democratic Party.

They are at WAR with the United States of America and have been for quite a while.

When the totalitarian socialists are on the record spewing intolerance and open threats to dox and target anyone that supports populists such as President Donald Trump, you know that this is just a pure power grab and an incremental chip by chip destruction of individualism and freedom established by the Bill of Rights.

The sad part is the acceptance of government control throughout society is so widespread.

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This is the literal blueprint for how a communist totalitarian regime take power since the philosophy first developed.

Hey Republicans, Get To Work

Sen. Mitch McConnell needs to get to work on eliminating all vestiges of socialism in this country.

They need to start by getting rid of all these government freebie handout programs like welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, farm subsidies, and every other giveaway program.

People need to be weaned off the government and learn what it means to live in a capitalist society where people possess a work ethic and understand the need for self-elevation.

Purging this country of all these lazy freeloaders might be a good place to start. Of course, if we can eliminate those free monthly checks, it might motivate them to move elsewhere.

Both men need to make it a daily thing to get out there and speak to the ‘People’ and let them know what needs to be done in 2022 and 2024.

Don’t dance around with words. Americans aren’t stupid. We can see right through somebody trying to snow us. Just remember there’s 71 million of us – we can do a lot of damage very quietly.

Here Are A Few Ways To Turn The Tide

The current expectation is that the President’s legal actions during the next 10 weeks are designed to create resistance to a President Biden among approximately half of the citizenry, just as the Democrats did in 2016.

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The Democrats have extraordinarily weak candidates in the Georgia Runoffs.

They are crippled in their usual election-manipulating activities and actions due to a massive level of legal scrutiny of the Georgia election processes by armies of lawyers and their investigators.

A President Biden has no choice whatsoever other than to cater to the madness of the squad, practically guaranteeing a Republican House in 2022.

The payoff? A Republican Congress can then fully cripple a Biden Administration from 2023 onward and President Trump’s role between 2021 and 2024?

Am I Worried About Anything?

I wonder how many Republicans will go back to their old ways and get along in a Harris White House?

These people live in a bubble, and they actually believe that the feelings in DC and Northern Virginia are the same across the country.

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It isn’t just Sen. Mitt Romney – that’s the problem. We still have to worry about Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Not sure how long Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito will hang on before retiring.

And Justice William Breyer is close to retirement too. A 52 to 48 majority for Republicans will be great, but Romney, Collins, and Murkowski could throw a wrench in the works if Biden were to win.

This message is to the conservatives in Georgia. You had damned well better be in the voting centers and counting centers not just as observers but as counters. The left is going to double down on cheating for these two seats.

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