BLM Wants Joe and Kamala To Pay Up, Eh? This Should Be Fun To Watch

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, has made it clear that Joe Biden owes her for her organization endorsing him. Now, she wants him to “pay up” by carrying out her radical agenda. 

I wonder how that is going to play out, eh? Cullors wants a payment on a bill that might come back with insufficient funds if the election is overturned. And get this. Joe Biden isn’t that good at paying back anyone, anyway.

I have been involved with politics for 20 plus years now, and I’ve never seen Biden do anything for the minorities, except the crime bill. That didn’t do anything good for us.

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I don’t know much about Kamala Harris, but the people I know that live in her district don’t like her. As far as any president goes, what do you think the one person is capable of doing? Biden isn’t going to get anything done because he really doesn’t want to. This is his third time trying; he’s 78, and he just wants to say he finally did it.

Biden will never be able to pay back all the commitments he’s made; he’ll not have the votes within his own party and will have to use executive actions that will be challenged in court. This is what happens when you can’t state your positions before the elections.

Black Voters Did Better Under Trump

The African American community did much better with President Trump, as Trump understands how to grow an economy, and Biden doesn’t. Trump’s policies have helped the minority communities, and they know it. Biden and the Democrats have ignored the minority communities for many decades. The Republican Party will welcome many more folks as a result, and that’s a good thing.

Biden won’t give them anything more than they got under Obama. The problem is that they don’t realize that Trump actually was trying to do things to help the black community, not just say he was.

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Biden is empty promises, and by 2024, nothing will have changed for minorities, and the black vote will still be 85%+ for the Democrats because they keep falling for the lies.

If you claim to be the party for oppressed minorities, then there have to be oppressed minorities to vote for you; otherwise, you have to pivot, and the Dems have never pivoted and don’t need to as long as they convince minorities that they are victims and can’t get to a better situation than the one they are currently in without the Democrats’ help.

It’s sad but very predictable.

Have You Got The Picture Yet?

Do you understand what is really going on here? The Washington establishment, better known as “the deep state,” aka the Cabal, aka Washington Bureaucracy, aka The Club, consists of a mix of predominantly liberal Democrats and several Republicans.

These unelected officials in government today are descendants of those that held positions in the Washington Bureaucracy going back generations. The Washington establishment is a monarchy, not in the traditional sense, but very much in structure.

Donald Trump threatened the establishment. He threatened to “drain the swamp.” For this reason and this reason only he had to go, by any means necessary. The establishment elite sold their souls to the devil to make this happen; however, that sale was based on credit. You see, what the radicals are about to find out is they were used by the establishment to get rid of Trump.

The establishment elites care nothing about climate change, abortion, LGBT rights and surely care nothing about minorities and the poor. They care about power. The establishment elites are behind this hand recount in Georgia. It’s not because of Trump/Biden. It’s to help David Perdue avoid a runoff against Jon Ossoff so the Republicans can retain the Senate.

With Trump gone, the Washington establishment is preserved and back in control. Ironically, the deep state desperately needs Republicans to retain the Senate to restore order to their newly established control of Washington DC.

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BLM Won’t Get Anything, Now Or Ever

BLM is simply one in a long line demanding payment for their influence. Who will be next, Soros? MSM? Zuckerberg? Dorsey? Does anyone at all believe Joe is capable of standing up to them? Of course not.

Joe welcomed the influence and will show his appreciation by giving them what they want. The corruption in the Obama administration will pale compared to what the future holds if Biden assumes the presidency.

But, I am very interested in what Biden does with this if he becomes President. If you are confused about what BLM stands for, go to their homepage, sanitized, to see they want to take this country apart.

Before sanitizing their page, they were against the traditional family. Check the statistics on families that do not have a mother and father in the house, and you will realize where the BLM wants this country to go. Meeting with Cullors will make them more legitimate. Big mistake? Big!


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