Here’s Where The 2020 Presidential Race Stands So Far – Breaking Down The Electoral Vote

The Presidential election, at the time of this writing, seems much closer than the narrative has been for several months. 

Here is an update of where things stand so far. 

Keep in mind, some states have a large number of mail-in ballots outstanding, which could make a difference in extremely close races. 

Election Results In The South

Florida was not as close as the media predicted. Just last night, the liberal media’s “wunderkind” Nate Silver gave Trump only a 31% chance of winning. 

Instead, Trump cruised comfortably, and currently holds a big edge. However, major news networks have been reluctant to call it for Trump. 

In response, Nate Silver described a Trump victory in Florida as “the first step in a Trump upset.”

In Georgia, pundits have recently intimated that the Deep South state could flip to Biden. So far, Trump is ahead. 

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North Carolina is a major battleground state for President Trump. He holds a slight edge as of this writing. 

In South Carolina, there was much ado about Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election chances, with his opponent raising over $100 million. 

Graham comfortably won

The story is the same in Kentucky, where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s opponent, Amy McGrath, raised over $84 million just to face defeat.

The Midwest

The Midwest is the where Trump broke through the Democrat “blue wall” in 2016 – winning Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

At the time of this writing, President Trump and the GOP challenger for Senate, John James, have a slight edge in Michigan. 

Near Midnight Eastern time, Fox News called Ohio for President Trump. Those 18 electoral votes are crucial to a Trump victory. 

Wisconsin is too close to call. 

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Interesting to note, in Wisconsin, Democratic Governor Tony Evers has run television ads defending his response to the COVID pandemic, based on rumors that voters received enough signatures to recall him. 

The signature drive ultimately fell short.

President Trump won Wisconsin by less than 30,000 votes in 2016. 

Trump has made several visits to Minnesota, a state that has not voted for a Republican since Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign in 1972.

As of this writing, Biden is comfortably ahead there.


Arizona has been a reliably red state, going for the GOP every election since 1972, except for Bill Clinton’s re-election in 1996. 

Fox News has officially called the race for Joe Biden.

As far as the Senate goes, the state elected a Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema, over Republican Martha McSally in 2018. 

After the passing of long-time Senator John McCain, McSally was appointed to the seat.

So far in 2020, she has been trailing Democrat challenger Mark Kelly. Biden’s victory doesn’t bode well for McSally.

Nevada, while only six electoral votes, is always considered a swing state. No numbers are yet available there.

Other Outstanding Races

The main outstanding race that hasn’t been mentioned is in Pennsylvania. 

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Pennsylvania has been aptly described as the “keystone” state in the election. President Trump made five visits to the state in the closing three days of the election. 

The state hinges on the traditionally blue areas around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. 

Fox News reported that officials in Philly would not release the results this evening. 

Final Result Not Yet Known

It’s very possible that final election results may not be known until after November 4.

Stay tuned to The Political Insider. 


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  • Why should we trust the votes from the states with the largest illegal foreign nationals & the so called Obama refugees . This is another reason that we need a law that you may not run for any government office or work for any government office or enter the military unless you have been born on American soil. Think about it

  • The longer this drags on, the more likely there will be a civil war. Not only are the rallys foretelling who is most wanted to be president, but even small indicators such as Halloween Trump masks for outselling Biden masks and Trump cookies far outselling Biden cookies are indicative of the people's choice for president. There's definitely fraud going on here. Additionally the squad consisting of AOC and that Mslim in-cest polyga-mist all won reelection? No way is that reasonable expectation. The demon-crap-s even boldly told us what they're going to do to "win", all shady and criminal actions. Nobody in their right mind would vote in favor of socialism, eradicating the constitution, packing the supreme court, activating Obamacare full blast, and undoing everything Trump had done for us and our country. Raising taxes and minimum wage to force businesses to go out of business? Lockdown of the entire country so we can't make money to pay our bills? There's no way this is a legitimate, honest election and civil war is imminent.

  • This one makes the 2000 fiasco look like a little kid's picnic with his friends. The Democratic governors in these states deliberately changed their election laws to create this chaos, and make it easier for them to harvest Democratic votes. That's why the counting stopped early this morning--because they realized they needed to find more Democratic votes.

    So now we have 100,000 pro-Biden ballots found in Michigan. And in Wisconsin, there are 3.1 million registered voters, but 3.3 million (circa) ballots that were cast.

    Get ready for a sequel to the HBO movie "Recount" . . . !

  • They will not get away with this stealing bullshit! Trump clearly won! You cannot win by lising all those states that he won! The dirty nazi dems stopped counting the votes! Arizona did not get to count the rest of the votes so that troll was given a win by that liberal bitch who runs fox before they counted all the votes! Believe me, Trump has more than 270 EC but those lowlifes cheated him in! KNOW THIS, THIS ISN'T OVER BY A LONG SHOT! We won this and tnis will be challanged!

  • "It’s very possible that final election results may not be known until after November 4."
    How convenient of PA! Is this because they rigging the election to sway for Biden? I will say truthfully I can't believe how many votes Biden actually got with so little turnout at all his rallies and the possibility of Socialism at our door and yet all of a sudden he soars? Things look real shady to me! Already polling citizens were given sharpies and were supposed to use ball point pens so none of their votes were counted. PA is probably at this hour tossing Trump tickets. Don't know til its over but I think a lot of shady things are going on!

  • this site won't let the truth be printed, my comments which are valid have been rejected again. let's close them down.

  • what a site this is, hope it will be lost when trump wins, and should be looked into as unamerican traitors.

  • Even as his race is so close it’s really sad that there are so many people that voted for a ‘potted plant’. Biden has no idea where he is at and is corrupt as the day is long. Yet, they voted for him, an absolute walking joke. I’m embarrassed for us.

  • Not until the fat lady sings and the level of corruption is revealed.
    Fake news and fake ballots equal fake election results.

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