Harvard Alumni Sign Protest Over Corey Lewandowski And Sean Spicer Fellowship Roles

It looks like snowflakes are having their tissue-paper feelings hurt after some visiting fellows balked at Harvard hiring former military soldier Bradley Manning as a fellow.

Now liberals want their revenge. Over 900 Harvard alumni are petitioning their alma mater, demanding former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer be removed from their fellowship positions. According to the Washington Free Beacon, “Over 900 Harvard University alumni have signed an open letter slamming the Kennedy School of Government’s Institute of Politics for bestowing visiting fellowships on former Trump operatives Corey Lewandowski and Sean Spicer.”

I guess they see the school as being hypocritical, hiring Republicans not even a week after being forced to let Manning go.

But here’s the difference: Manning was a traitor and gave government secrets away. These alumni are trying to associate misogyny and white supremacy to Spicer and Lewandowsi in an attempt to disparage their names. Sooner or later you will see a lot of unhealthy protests on YouTube and CNN from these former students because they aren’t getting what they want.

This is how liberals react and play their little games. If they can’t change things via a petition, they will act crazy with violent protests in a way to force change. The petitioners actually wrote, “While representing a spectrum of ideas is important for a complete political education, the IOP must acknowledge its own power in conveying an imprimatur of intellectual and moral legitimacy—in this case, to those who have done much to degrade public discourse in this country, re-ignite white nationalism, and further reactionary policies that harm millions.”

And, of course, a group of students wrote a letter to the school newspaper protesting Manning’s ousting from the school:

I don’t think conservatives should hang around Harvard or any liberal university anymore. I don’t even think these liberal schools should receive a dime of federal government funding. I think we should starve the beast and shut it down. If these liberals want to act like infants, treat them like it.

Enough is enough: We do not need to see any more of these childish actions against grown adults whose speech and beliefs are different than theirs.

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Wayne Dupree

Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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  • The factual discrepancies in the letter written by former students is shocking.
    Considering the fact it was purportedly written by graduates of Harvard I had expected the letter to be based on facts that both directly addressed the issue of Manning's removal as a fellow.
    instead, I was exposed to this opinion (whose I wonder) where the writer's claimed Manning had been denied 'Life saving' health care among other extreme claims.
    Manning was not left untreated for any medical condition, let alone a life threatening condition. His complaints against the military focused on his lack of access to female hormone injections, nothing more. He further demanded that the US military pay for his elective surgery (the US Military pays for no elective surgical procedures, they must be based on a medical necessity) regarding his gender-reassignment surgery?(I still do not understand that word as cosmetic alterations do not change one's gender.)
    Looking back thru the years since I graduated from Brown, and the thousands of people who have graduated from Harvard during the same time period, it seems they have few supporters in their drive to have a convicted traitor of the USA reassigned as a fellow to the Kennedy School of Politics.
    Manning may still speak, do a Q & A, and spread his violent anti-american diatribe to those who come to cheer. There is one caveat, knowledge of the local, date and time of this person puts his very life at risk, as far more retired military swore an oath to 'protect the USA from all her enemies, both foreign and domestic' and that oath had no expiration date.
    Manning is a convicted domestic enemy, and somewhere, some day, someone will kill him, based on his traitorous acts as well as his support by the hated Obama.
    Requiem et pacem Manning.

  • 900 Alumni from that school must just be a drop in the bucket from Harvard. There must be 10s of thousands of Alumni from that school. Large protesting mobs anywhere do not necessarily represent the sentiment of any particular group. I have never been at any protest in my life, and My guess is that the ones showing up at protests just keep repeating at each new protest in the weeks and years ahead. I wonder what kind of jobs these protesters hold if they hold any at all.

  • What Conservative would want to be associated with Harvardsky on the Volga anyway. If one wants to be brainwashed in Marxist/Socialist garbage one attends Harvardsky. I hear that Russian students are coming to Harvardsky for advance studies in Leninist strategy.

    • The primary point in this discussion is the degree of influence the public should have in determining the administration of a University. The public interest is normally expressed inaccurately, or not, by a government committee.
      To that end, the argument that Universities, which support radical leftists or any such organization that can be deemed a threat, has to have it's federal funding cut is a non-starter. That would be interference in free thought and speech by the government. What we have to do is press for laws that target the courses and not the universities.
      It is totally insane for the tax payers to be funding the artsy courses which attract the weird left and the lazy suburbanite who could never manage a real course load of the kind that would help them find work to benefit themselves and others after graduation. Every student should be required to have at least one serious course from the science or math faculties. Some good arts courses like Journalism or even Classic Literature and Paleontology, should be retained but the public dollars that go to them should be much reduced. Some should be eliminated like those that focus on Witchcraft of the 20th Century, Lesbian Dance Theory, The Power of Basket Weaving, Empowerment of Child Transsexuals, all which are bad enough even when they do stay on topic, as they sometime do between clashes with conservative speakers.
      Medicine, Engineering, and most Sciences, all should be much better funded at the cost of starving the garbage courses. This would be putting the Antifa students into the unskilled labor market where they will grow up or die,- virtually or in fact, either would do as long as they are irrelevant..

  • The difference is that these arrogant Harvard alumni are upset because a convicted traitor to the USA was "relieved" of her post, a post to which she was not really qualified. Harvard should drop its superiority and do the right thing from now on

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