Happy Open Enrollment Season – Just Kidding, ObamaCare Is Worse Than Ever (READ)


So more people have coverage than before, more premiums are pumped into the system that should drop the average cost per person, yet premiums are going up? That makes sense.

Job well done, Team Obama. Thanks, ObamaCare.

You’ve succeeded yet again in taking something the middle class had, distributing it to the lower class, and raising costs. Any words a Democrat spits out in during these debates about the middle class is mule dung.

According to Yahoo News:

Average prices of the so-called bronze plans on the HealthCare.gov marketplace are rising 11 percent for nonsubsidized customers over 2015 prices. Average deductibles for individuals are increasing by the same percentage, to $5,731, according to a study by HealthPocket.com, an insurance comparison site.

Average premiums for the most popular types of plans, known as “silver plans,” are going up nearly as much — 10 percent — for HealthCare.gov customers who are unsubsidized, HealthPocket found.

Silver plan deductibles, however, are rising more modestly next year, by 6 percent for an individual, to $3,117.

They keep giving away money with things like a tax break or free insurance, and since they’re already broke, they just take the money out of middle-class pockets. That’s an excellent business model!

Seriously though, somebody, please get me an economist or a business person in the White House!!


Prices have risen every year since the government got into the healthcare business in 1965. It was not that long ago that most people that had a decent job; medical was part of our pay package, which cost nothing or next to nothing. Now you pay through the roof.

Not only did wages not increase, but most are now paying for the brunt of our medical insurance. Just more proven FACTS that this country as a whole is in a major decline and continues this decline on a daily basis.

Check out this video:

Why can’t we use the money being wasted to take care of our old and poor people? What are your thoughts on this injustice? Where are the protests about this forced program by the Democrats? Share your comments below!

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