Gun Activist Dana Loesch to Receive Rare Honor

Dana Loesch

The National Rifle Association is holding their convention this week in Nashville, TN. This is a gathering for American patriots who strongly believe in and uphold the values of this nation, who seek to preserve the second amendment, which is every American’s right.

Dana Loesch, host of the Dana Show on the Blaze network and author of Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America will be given a rare honor by the Guns and Ammo magazine at the NRA annual convention in Nashville this weekend. This is by no means an ordinary honor.

Fifty one years ago, Ohio police officer Jeanne E. Bray graced the Guns & Ammo magazine cover and until now was the only woman to do so. Loesch announced on her blog she will receive that honor on the next cover of Guns and Ammo which they will unveil on Saturday. Here’s what she wrote:


This is Jeanne E. Bray, a police officer killed in Ohio and an accomplished shooter. A scholarship was established for the children of fallen police officers in her name. She is the only woman to appear on the cover of Guns and Ammo (November 1961) … until now. I’m honored and humbled that Guns and Ammo asked me to be on their next cover, which they will unveil at the NRA Convention on Saturday. They were amazing fun with which to work. Advance copies will be available! Thanks to Guns and Ammo for the honor and much respect to those who serve, like Officer Bray.

More info on the NRA Hands Off My Gun book signing and cover reveal here.

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