Gretchen Whitmer Said ‘If You’re Tired Of Lockdowns…Wearing Masks,’ Vote For Biden


Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke out on Sunday to say that if people are tired of COVID-19 lockdowns and the resulting economic fallout from it, they should vote for Joe Biden.

Whitmer Tells People To Vote For Biden

“If you’re tired of lockdowns, or you’re tired of wearing masks, or you wish you were in church this morning or watching college football or your kids were in-person instruction, it is time for change in this country, and that’s why we’ve got to elect Joe Biden,” Whitmer said while appearing on “Meet The Press.”

She went on to blast President Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting violence and being incompetent.

“The Trump virus response is the worst in the globe — I mean, in the world it’s the worst,” Whitmer said. “Eight million people have contracted COVID-19, 220,000 dead. We’ve got people in food pantry lines who never would have imagined that they’d be there. And no light on the horizon because our numbers keep going up. This is a gravely serious moment for all of us.”

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Social Media Users Blast Whitmer

This interview has quickly come back to bite Whitmer, however, as Twitter users have pointed out that her insistence that life would only go back to normal if Biden wins sounds like a vague ultimatum.

“Wait, so if we elect Biden, magically we’ll be able to lift lock downs, stop wearing masks & go back to church? That’s ALL we have to do, elect Biden?” one social media user commented. “Something smells like a lie here.”

“So is she basically admitting that they are ‘punishing us” unless we vote for Biden? That’s what it sounds like to me,” another person added. “I would rather be locked down for the next 4 years than put a criminal who sells out America with our tax dollars into office. No thanks.”

“So what’s her point, she’s holding people hostage until Trump [is] out?” wrote a third user. “Dictator much???”

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Whitmer Accuses Trump Of ‘Domestic Terrorism

Later in the interview, Whitmer accused Trump of inciting “domestic terrorism” due to “lock her up” chants at his Michigan rally Saturday night, saying that his words were “incredibly disturbing.”

“The president is at it again and inspiring and incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism,” Whitmer said, according to the Associated Press. “It is wrong. It’s got to end.”

“It is dangerous, not just for me and my family, but for public servants everywhere who are doing their jobs and trying to protect their fellow Americans,” she added. “People of good will on both sides of the aisle need to step up and call this out and bring the heat down.”

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on October 19, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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