Engineer Grandpa Built his Own Theme Park for the Neighborhood

backyard theme park

If I had one wish, I would want to be young again and living in the neighborhood where this grandpa has turned his backyard into a Disneyland-like utopia for kids.

A retired aerospace engineer has spent the past two years designing and building his own roller coasters in his backyard for his grandchildren, and now it’s the envy of the whole neighborhood!

I even told my daughters about it, and they were smiling ear to ear.

backyard theme park

From ABC News:

One grandpa built something extremely magical in his backyard for all his lucky grandkids to enjoy.

Steve Dobbs, of Fullerton, California, constructed his very own Disneyland-inspired backyard theme park called Dobbsland, painstakingly building a 100-foot-long working roller coaster, a “Sleeping Princess” castle and a “Winifred-the-Poof” ride, just to name a few.

“He’s always wanted to build a ride at Disneyland,” Dobbs’ daughter, Cori Linder, told ABC News. “He’s such a visionary and I love that and he was like, ‘Why not build it in my backyard for my grandkids?’”

So that’s exactly what he did. A retired Boeing aerospace engineer who now teaches engineering in college, this was small potatoes compared to his other huge career accomplishments, but was so much larger in sentimental significance.

“My interest perhaps started when I was 8 years old,” said Dobbs, 68. “I lived about 2 miles from Disneyland and watched it being built on our bicycles. But my friends and I could not figure out what this place was going to be until it finally opened. The older brother of my friend worked at the gate and let us sneak in during the summer when it was it too busy, so for those first few years we played in Disneyland like it was my backyard.”

Watch it in action:

Kids: We want to go to Disneyland….

Grandpa: We got Disneyland in the yard. And we are having McDonald’s hamburgers as soon as grandma gets home!

Imagine the possibilities. I am still smiling writing this for you, hoping one day, just one day!

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